Sponsored Sites Update | July 2014

      Another month, another sponsored site update! This time trying a short-and-sweet approach.

Striptease Blowjob Riding Creampie
      Lelu dresses up as a kind of sexy librarian/stripper combo and performs a rather effective lapdance and fuck for her lover. I think the strict part of her attire inspired a certain character in one of my upcoming stories. At least Lelu channels that outfit very well, for as long as it stays on her that is!

Zombie Rescue Virtual Sex
      No time like the end of the world to start showing your appreciation with fertile pussy, am I right? After having barely escaped the undead hordes and saving Lelu from becoming a sexy zombie, she decides to show her appreciation by fucking in the saferoom. No use for birth control if your life can come to a undead end at any time…
Virtual Impregnation Nurse Knocked Up
      Another trip to the hospital that I would think would encourage a better health care system. A naughty nurse decides to do more than just a physical for her patient, and he certainly has a good amount of blood pressure to fill her unprotected pussy with sperm. That turned out to be very healthy too – she gets knocked up.

      Yes indeed, my fellow interracial enthusiasts! Fobbs put the finishing touched onto Coach at the beginning of July, and while the story didn’t end up with a sexy black MILF becoming a mother for the second time, I can imagine that fate isn’t far behind the coach’s favorite black slut.

      When her son gets into trouble and his strict white coach Mr. Baker threatens to kick him off the team, Mrs. Johnson takes it upon herself to make up for the mistake. The cost of pleasing the coach? Blowjobs, anal fucking, and unprotected breeding. Though she resists and curses Coach Baker for being the bastard that he is, his big white cock teaches her the pleasure of going white, because she knows it’s right…

      Coach is a dubious consent interracial fuckfest where Coach Baker uses every hole of his entrapped housewife Mrs. Johnson. Eventually she caves in from all the unwanted pleasure, swallowing her pride (and his load) and admitting that she loves fucking her son’s devious white coach.

      As ever, I am very pleased to see Illustrated Interracial touch on other interracial couplings. Aside from a mere handful of other stories, we never get to see a white guy playing the breeder role. When will we get an Asian guy, or a Native guy, in such a role? Variety is the spice of life, especially when it comes to interracial erotica, so I tip my hat to this worthy installment in Fobb’s growing library at Illustrated Interracial. Here’s hoping for more great stuff!

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