Story RP | Demon Queen

      I’ve been wanting to post another roleplay on my blog for awhile now, and one of my good friends and I happened to fall into an interesting sexy scenario just a few weeks ago. A demonic queen has become fertile and desires a brood, and so summons her loyal drone to pleasure her and inseminate her royal womb. Enjoy!

      Drone: You could be my demon queen, and I your loyal and expendable drone.

      Queen: That's right. Queen and drone, and drones always obey, don't they?

      Drone: Yes, they always obey their Queen. Obey and inseminate.

      Queen: Then yes, I guess I could distract you - just order you to your Queen’s bedchamber. Do your duty drone, and inseminate your Queen!

      Drone: Yes my Queen. All of my seed is yours! I step forth into the bedchamber and take my place on the bed that glitters with a dust of ten thousand colors, displaying the iridescent colors that beautify my masculine form. My curling horns and sharp claws pale in comparison to your glorious body, yet please your eye and your sex. My member hangs low, dripping with anticipation to pleasure my Queen totally and completely.

      Queen: That's right drone, assume the position you were born for, beneath your Queen.  Enjoy as I slowly slide down on you, consuming your cock, taking it all into my steamy wet cunt.  Worship my tits with your hands as I slowly ride your rock hard prick, coaxing it ever so subtly, squeezing it as I bottom out before continuing my ride. Watch my hips as they undulate rocking your cock for more pleasure.  Yes, be a good drone,  enjoy the fucking!

      Drone: Ooooh my Queen, let me fuck your glorious pussy. Let me plant a brood deep inside you...

      Queen: Yes my drone, that's it. Concentrate on the overwhelming pleasure.  Just watch as your cock disappears and reappears and disappears again into my steamy pussy, over and over and over.  Yes, it's so nice and it feels soooo good.  Your drone cock plunging into the royal pussy of your Queen!  Feel my nails on your balls, teasing them, coaxing them.  But don't stop worshiping my tits, drone. No, you must fuck and obey. Worship my tits and enjoy your fucking, drone.  Faster and faster, speeding up in pace, you can hear the slap as our bodies meet.

      Drone: I will worship your glorious tits, my Queen. Let me suck them - no, let me suckle them as will your beautiful children! Mmm, my Queen tastes so good, the milk that will feed your young - our young! Please let me make your belly swell, my Queen. Let me fill your womb with sperm!

      Queen: Yes drone. Drink up. Drink the royal milk of your Queen.  My tits taste soooo good, my pussy feels sooo good.  I know you just want to keep lying there enjoying the fucking as a good drone should.  Now imagine drone, imagine your Queen, imagine her with even larger tits, even more milk - and a taut, rounded belly.  Doesn't that image drive straight to your loins, drone?  I know it does.  That cock is getting harder just thinking about releasing hot sperm into my womb.  Can you feel your cock straining, trying to reach deeper?  Can you feel the entrance to my womb, sucking on the head of your cock, pressuring you, tempting you?  I know you can, just enjoy it, all this deadly pleasure. Sooo much pleasure.

      Drone: My Queen! Oh, it feels too good! I want your pleasure, Queen. Let me give you pleasure. Let my cock please your every inch and depth, your every ridge and cleft! Your breasts sustain me - they inspire me to drink till it pours over my face! Your belly, I want it to swell. Even should I never see it, I give my life to give you a brood. Oh Queen, let me make you swell!

      Queen: My nails continue to tease your straining balls, the promise and purpose of your miserable life.  I continue riding you, my pussy slippery with our mixed precum, my cervix teasing the head of your cock - coaxing it to spill.  You want my belly to swell drone?  To bulge with the summation of your seed?  Here is your only chance your life will give you, drone. Do your duty. Inseminate your Queen. Give me your SEED!

      Drone: OH MY QUEEN!! My seed bursts inside you, exploding like a volcano deep within your divine pussy. Hot sperm flows out to cover every inner wall, splashing them with the promise of fertile offspring. Your ovaries can sense them, the teeming masses of sperm wriggling out in every direction as I writhe and gasp, filling your fertile hips with new life. My Queen! Take my seed!! I will give you my body, my soul - EVERYTHING!!

      Queen: Of course you will, my drone… I squeeze your balls, encouraging them as they empty their virile load into my royal cunt.  Feel my cervix as it drinks down your seed just as hard as you were drinking down my milk earlier.  Feel my cunt as it tightens around your cock and keeps riding, milking out your sperm, milking out your very life.

      Drone: My dronish cock throbs and pulses, as the very life is sapped from my whole body. Billions of sperm gush into your fertile tunnel, the sum of a lifetime of storage and accumulation, the sum of which swells out your flat belly spurt by spurt and seeps down the sides of my twitching member. My body shivers and jerks, eyes rolled back as ultimate pleasure overwhelms my dying form.

      Queen: See drone, your seed is swelling my belly, just as you wanted. Even my nips have already engorged, just by you sucking and toying with them. Soon my milk will flow even more freely to feed the young I will one day birth.  Now just concentrate on the pleasure as my cunt keeps fucking your drone cock, keeps milking everything right out of you.

      Drone: With no words I continue to moan, thrusting pitifully up into your squelching cunt as my cock spurts uncontrollably, enslaved and consumed by your pussy. Your breasts leak thick milk onto my body, lapped up as best I can with my long tongue, but it is no use. My life is ebbing away, pulse by pulse, the whole of my essence rushing up into your womb.

      Queen: Yes my drone, give yourself to me. Give your life to your Queen, and fill her hungry womb with your soul. Give me a brood to bear, or a feast to devour!

      Drone: My Queen… take my… brood…! I twitch out the last of my life, leaving behind a shriveled and dulled husk. The last motion is the jerking of my cock, straining out the very soul and life of my dronish body into the wet folds of my demon Queen. And when the last fills out your fertile belly, my body collapses into a glittering dust that scatters across the bedchamber.

      Queen: Mmmm… delicious… I pet down my inseminated form, my belly distended with the sum of my little drone’s essence. I can feel your life teeming and wriggling inside me, desperate to ensure your lineage within my royal bloodline. But I am oh so hungry, and this sperm is delicious. My womb shivers and contracts, absorbing some of your luxurious seed into my body, consumed like it was any everyday deal. It was, in a way. I look down at your desiccated form and grin, rubbing my taut belly, and consider whether to leave a few drops of this feast for my royal eggs, or to simply devour it all. And then the doors open wide to my bedchamber and a new drone enters, prepared to give everything to his divine mate.

      Queen: Ahhh… now come forth, my beautiful slave. Do your duty drone, and inseminate your Queen!

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