A candle to San La Muerte

Here in south america there is a pagan cult called San La Muerte, in english is something like Saint "The Death", where they worship... Yep, you guess...the guy with the scythe. Is gaining more adepts everyday.
Well, here we got a girl who is in that cult.
Kim loves everything related with death, corpses, skulls, zombies and everything you can think about it.
But thats not all, not only love that kind of sick shit, she gets super horny with it!
Who we are to judge...
And you know... A hot and sexy girl like her, is more than capable to raise the dead!
A candle to "San La Muerte"
I'm going to upload this serie maybe 2 or 3 pictures at a time, and then, when is finished will be upload the RAR file, so, make sure to check daily!


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