Almost There!

Status update on the first set: about 2 images left to pose, 5-6 to render, another 12 to process in Photoshop and various marking materials such as cover photos, etc. There's a little logistical work to be done also as I need to decide how I'm going to distribute the files and where I can host them. So looking at a second weekend in September at the latest (hopefully)!

Here's one final image from the set:

Also, I've been using LuxRender in my free time. It's nice because I can use it while posing and it allows you to save a render and come back to it. I still don't think its the right tool for rendering out my first couple of sets but I do want to start releasing some images with it. So, I think I'm going to start a series called the Pedestal Series, which will be a series of new or old poses rendered out in LuxRender with no background and some simple lighting. This will be mostly to highlight the characters or my favorite poses as I see fit.

The first image from the Pedestal Series:

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