April's Zombie

It's been a while since I've posted some actual content. It's been a long period of teasers and test images. I glad to finally present you with a new image set with April and her pet zombie. This was commissioned by Achilles666 who was essentially the only person to submit an idea for the free commissions I was offering a little while back. If you missed out I'll probably do another one of these free commissions sometime next year, for now I've already got plenty of work. Anyway If you like this short set then you have Achilles to thank for it.

April pays a visit to her pet Zombie who roams around in the basement of an old, abandoned mansion she once discovered. Both of them are Horny and ready to fuck all night. Featuring April and a horny zombie in 15 images.

Download 8.7 MB
View Online: Here (lower res)

 Hope you enjoy, and if you have any feedback make sure to leave a comment as I'd be glad to hear it.

~ Jimjim

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