Emily Wallpapers and Some Blogs

Hey guys, Just quickly wanted to post here some wallpapers I've done recently of Emily that were posted over at the affect 3d forums. (btw here is my thread)


I also wanted to do some quick shout outs to two artists who I recently discovered who I think deserve some more attention. Dam3D and Nexis3D. They both also enjoy rendering well endowed monsters taking on girls in both rough and consensual sex. Their girls are a bit more petite than mine so if that's something you've been wanting from me, how about you check these guys out and see what they have to offer. I'll put the links below:

Also one last thing before I go, recently I was updating Emily to a new base model (Genesis 2) and did a test render so here it is:


As you can see she looks exactly the same so don't worry about that and this updated version should make her first appearance in scene 2 of Emily's Negotiation. I'll slowly be updating my characters. For regular viewers it won't mean much as you shouldn't be able to tell the difference but It means I can do more with the models which is good. 

Speaking of Emily's Negotiation It will have over 100 images as I've mentioned before but as you can imagine (especially with my slow pacing) that this set will take a while to be completed. My question to you guys is; in the meantime, would you prefer some shorter but more frequent miniset's such as 'April's Zombie' with around 15 images, that could probably be released every one to two months. Or would you prefer I worked on the larger sets that I have in my progress bar? Obviously the larger sets will take considerably longer. I'd like to pump out a large set each month but as this is a hobby for me it's not entirely feasible.What are your thoughts on this?

~ Jimjim

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