Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #27

      Can’t get much of a better scenario than this! Straight to the down and dirty breeding, this couple go at it bare and furiously, and by god that girl is a moaner. If you like a near constant stream of moans and gasps of the feminine variety, this one is for you. There is also a fair bit of anal and lots of sweating before he dutifully fills her fertile cunt with seed.

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      I wonder how many of my visitors have heard or spoken that particular phrase… This is pretty straight-forward sex, though protected most of the way through. That changes in the end as the girl’s pussy proves far too tight, shucking the condom right off her lover when he cums. Check it out when she finally finds it again deep inside her. It’s empty.

      Another really cool compilation from SkyBr, who made those other lovely captioned videos I have in my archives. This time is rather special though. He managed to collect the movies from a hot and horny couple trying to make a baby, so through the first four clips you see their insemination attempts, and in the final fuck scene is the payoff – a girl on her hands and knees, her belly obviously distending and growing from all their naughty labors. Kudos to him for another great piece of work!

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      A short and to the point amateur clip of two young people fucking. Girl on top, reverse cowgirl style, with the main focus of the camera being on her smooth, round baby bump. There is no sound unfortunately, but think of it like an extended GIF! Such a cute girl with beautifully swollen little breasts… Totally my type of cutie!

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