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Lelu Love

Kissing Missionary Slow Fast Creampie Closeup
      Lelu’s husband has been denying her sex for two whole months, and she’s not the kind of girl who can go that long without a good hard fucking! Starting with some sweet kissing and naughtier pussy eating, Lelu’s suitor Ryan is sure to plant his seed deep inside her fertile pussy. And she thanks him for that much-needed donation.

Side Finger Fuck Creampie
      Our intrepid lovers decide to take on a spooning position for this movie, and it looks great. Half the movie is of Lelu’s lovely body on full display, her wet pussy toyed with from behind by her lover. The other half is that same pussy getting fucked hard and inseminated while on full display. The way she lounges like a cat while getting a sperm injection is something to see.

Behind The Scenes POV BJ Fuck Creampie
      Congratulations! You won the contest to getting behind the scenes to one of Lelu’s sexy videos. But Lelu’s costar is late, and far too late for Lelu’s voracious tastes. While she says she is letting him have a taste of her sweet body to get her ready for the male talent, she gets too turned on to hold back. Lelu needs cock and cum, even if it isn’t planned!

      This month has had a few production delays, but nevertheless Fobbs has been busy producing mainly on his three major storylines that have spanned the past few months. Currently there seems to be no end in sight for Manza, Emptiness, or Flag Girls, at situation which has both its fans and dissidents. A few Parody panels have also cropped up, and I must say they are rather interesting!

      This time for the update, I would like to post something a little different. Out of a burst of inspiration earlier in August, I sat down and wrote up a script for what I would hope would be the next BBN comic. Normally when I write my erotic stories I remain pretty composed, but writing this one turned me into a horny wreck. Based more off of the style of the first Black Breeding News than the following, we return to the BBN studio to hear about more interracial impregnation news.

      In tonight’s episode? We have coverage of a new trend in charity auctions sweeping through Hollywood, a close look at ‘The Fix’ white couples across the nation are getting to go black-only, and previews of next season’s hottest reality television shows. The setup is meant to be closer to a screenplay than a normal roleplay you might find on Impregnation Erotica, in hopes that Fobbs will take notice and illustrate it for a new comic.

      For a content warning, I must point out that the second story, ‘Black Baby Boom – White Baby Bust’ contains non-graphic scenes of a gelding and an abortion. Not everyone is into that sort of stuff on my site, so there’s a fore-warning. The other stories however are your standard black breeding material that, if you like interracial impregnation, you will enjoy.

      All pictures are from Fobb’s comic collection at Illustrated Interracial. You can always see the whole collection at his site, which you can go to through the title. If you like this script and want to see it made into an actual comic, post your support in its thread on the forum under the Stories section.

      So without further adieu, here is my script for Black Breeding Network #4

BBN4 Comic Script
Scene: Starts like the other BBN stories with Jenny at her news desk, back in her sexy pre-pregnant shape since last time she was on the air. Her breasts are still large, with very apparent nipples through her dress.

Jenny: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back to Black Breeding News. We have a lot of stories to cover in this edition of the nation’s favorite black breeding newscast. For those viewers wondering, my newest black babies and I are doing just fine. I still don’t know who their daddy is, but I cannot wait to give them many more dark-skinned brothers and sisters. Lets get to our top story.

Scene: Jenny turns in news reporter fashion with a graphic in the upper-left saying ‘Celebrity Breeding Drive’.

Jenny: A new fad is taking over Hollywood’s party scene: Black Breeding Charity Drives. What are they? Our anchorwoman Danielle has the story. Danielle?

Celebrity Breeding Drive
Scene: Black pregnant news anchor Danielle is at the scene of a Black Breeding Charity Drive, where there is a stage with scantily-clad women prancing around and a mob of black bidders below, along with an auctioneer’s table where Patricia Heaton and Sandra Bullock sit overseeing the event. During the report the panels can show off various star-cameos in the fore and background.

Danielle: Thanks Jenny. Many of the red carpet’s finest white actresses are here, putting themselves up for auction at this charity event hosted by famed black cock sluts Sandra Bullock and Patricia Heaton.

Danielle: Bidding is open to blacks only, and includes the biggest names in African American entertainment. The proceeds go to funding the Bureau for Black Compensation, a non-profit foundation for the reparations and empowerment of blacks across the world.

Danielle: The highest bid so far has gone to Megan Fox at an auction two months ago. Megan Fox’s film history has placed her in many sexy supporting roles, but the limelight is due to her now. Her starring role this time? Black breeding slut. Our cameras were there to catch all the action.

Scene: Time skip to a previous Black Breeding Drive where Megan Fox walks up onto stage wearing something very sexy and skimpy, short-shorts and a high t-shirt [like in her actual films], and begins stripping and throwing her barely-there clothing out into the all-black audience. They are going wild.

Megan Fox: That’s right, bid high gentlemen. My body is on sale for black men only, and I’m going all the way tonight.

Megan Fox: [She pulls out her contraception and crushes it under her heel, and the crowd goes wild, literally throwing money to her and screaming bids]. Oh yes, my white womb is fertile today, and I only take my black cock bareback. Who wants to put their black baby into me tonight?

Scene: [The crowd nearly stampedes the stage as Megan Fox prances about naked and showing off to the audience]

Danielle: [Off-screen as a narrator, next panel shows Darnell Long up close, being pointed at by Sandra and Patricia enthusiastically as the winner] The winning bid amounted to 1.7 million dollars, the highest on record yet, and was offered by none other than Darnell Long, famed black entrepreneur and owner of Ghetto Bred Magazine.

Darnell Long: [Taking the stage and claiming his white woman] You better say goodbye to your boyfriend, Megan. You aren’t gonna want to go back to him once I’m done with you.

Megan Fox: [kissing Darnell Longon the cheek and grinning] I love him way too much to do that, sweetie. But I’d like to see you try ruining me for white men.

Danielle: [The pair walk off stage with fine clothes on again, Darnell Long grabbing a handful of her ass] Darnell took Megan back to his private mansion to celebrate his donation to charity, but our insiders were able to set up hidden cameras in the Long estate. Lets watch a BBN exclusive look at what happened there that night.

Black Breeding Charity – Breeding Scene
Scene: Darnell Long is shown fucking Megan Fox in every room of his house, the scenes cutting to various times throughout the night at ‘hidden’ angles (from the ceiling, by bookcases, within plants, etc). Megan Fox progressively becomes more and more fucked and converted to black cock as they move from foyer to bedroom to kitchen to shower and back to bedroom. Various bits of dialogue are captured in each mini-scene that are only a few panels long apiece, and each time skip is indicated by a small title indicated in the scene.

“Foyer, 8:27 PM” Scene: Both enter a large mansion and are well-dressed for now. They stop at the door.

Megan Fox: [With an air of superiority] Nice house. My boyfriend’s is bigger, but yours is still nice.

Darnell Long: A big house isn’t what matters for man though, is it? [Pulling out his huge cock as Megan Fox looks shocked] See how lucky you are, girl? I’m going to fuck you all weekend with this big black cock.

Megan Fox: [Kneeling down with astonishment and hefting his huge member in her little hands] Oh my god! It’s so big… My boyfriend isn’t even half that size…

Darnell Long: Black cock’s always bigger, Megan. Now suck it like a good bitch. [He forces her onto his cock, and she sucks on it eagerly]

“Bedroom, 9:32 PM” Scene [First time]: Megan Fox is on her back, pale legs sticking up on either side of Darnell Long as he pounds her on the master suite’s bed, hard and fast. The room should be in order for this scene, with their clothes discarded on the floor or furniture. It won't be so clean when they come back to it in the second bedroom scene.

Megan Fox: Oh god, oh my god – I’m cumming again! [Legs shake, juices spill around his huge member.]

Darnell Long: You cumming for a black dick now, Megan. Feel good?

Megan Fox: Oh yes – oh god yes. I’ve never felt anything like it before. You live up to your name, Mr. Long.

Darnell Long: Damn right I do, and you’re about to get a pussy full of negro cum too.

Megan Fox: Oh fuck! Cum in me! Cum inside my white pussy with your beautiful black cock!

Darnell Long: Fuck yeah – take your black baby, bitch! [He explodes inside her, cum blasting out of her filled pussy as she arches and cums even harder.]

Megan Fox: YESSSS!!

“Kitchen, 12:11 AM” Scene [Midnight Snack]: Megan Fox is caught in one of his oversized shirts and is bent over the counter, getting nailed from behind by Darnell Long. Her snack lays on the counter next to them, her one leg held up so the camera gets a good view of their sloppy interracial mating. Previous loads of cum spill out of her filled pussy.

Megan Fox: Ohhhh, again? You’ve already cum inside me five times already…

Darnell Long: I’m breeding you, aren’t I? I’m just getting started on this tight white ass. [He slaps her ass as she moans].

Megan Fox: You’re right Mr. Long – Ooooh – You’re totally right. My white pussy is yours. Fuck it whenever you want!

Darnell Long: Whenever, huh? You giving up on your little white boyfriend so soon?

Megan Fox: Oooooh! Never! You have me just for this – AHHH! – weekend!

“Shower, 1:45 AM” Scene: Both are in the large shower, water spraying down on Megan Fox’s firm chest and belly as she wraps her arms back around Darnell Long’sneck while he fucks into her from behind. The bulge of his thrusting cock can be seen distending her flat belly, and she leans back into him as he holds her around her chest/tits.

Megan Fox: Ohhh Darnell, my boyfriend never fucked me like this before…

Darnell Long: It’s a shame you chose to be with a white man then. A damn shame.

Megan Fox: [Looking back at him with lust-hazy eyes] But I chose black this time. And I like it sooo much more than white cock.

Darnell Long: Heh, thinking about becoming my black cock slut for real then, Megan?

Megan Fox: [She moves in for a kiss] Maybe…

“Bedroom, 4:28 AM” Scene [Second Time]: The room is now showing the signs of their torrid non-stop fucking, with the furniture stained with cum and displaced since they’ve fucked on every surface available. Megan Fox is on top of her man this time, riding her black bull wildly as her messy hair splays all around her, tossing her head back and screaming as Darnell Long grips and guides her thrusting hips against his own.]

Megan Fox: Oh god! Oh my fucking god! I love this black cock. Your black cock is making me cum again, Darnell! OHHHHHH!!

Darnell Long: Say what I want to hear, baby.

Megan Fox: Yes! YESSS!

Darnell Long: Say it loud and proud, bitch!

Megan Fox: I’m yours, Darnell Long. Fuck my wimpy boyfriend, I’m never letting a white man touch me again. I’ll only fuck big black dick now. Oh fuck!

Darnell Long: I’m going to breed your white pussy, Megan. You’re gonna have my black baby!

Megan Fox: FUCK YES!!  Breed my fertile white pussy! Knock me up with your black babies – AHHHHHH!!![Huge gush of cum as they both climax together].

Celebrity Breeding Drive
Scene: Back to Danielle covering the current black breeding charity event.

Danielle: That wonderful footage was taken two months ago. It’s no surprise that Megan Fox dumped her whiteboy boyfriend immediately after that and embraced a black-only lifestyle with Darnell Long, now proudly calling herself a full-time black cock slut. We are also happy to report Megan Fox’s other good news: She’s two months pregnant!

Scene: Cut to the Charity’s red carpet with the pair stepping out of a limousine together. Darnell Long holds Megan Fox around the waist on the red carpet, waving to the crowd and well-dressed while Megan Fox smiles broadly and rubs a hand over her small but apparent baby bump beneath her sleek dress].

Danielle: Megan Fox said to BBN reporters that she is very happy to have Darnell’s babies growing inside her white womb, and she can’t wait to give birth to more members of the black race.

Jenny: She looks stunning already, but you mentioned she said ‘babies’, not baby. What do you mean, Danielle?

Danielle: Oh yes, Jenny! Megan mentioned that Darnell Long was particularly potent, and his African sperm definitely hit the mark – three times. She’s having TRIPLETS! That little baby bump won’t stay little for long.

Jenny: Certainly not! Though neither has yours, Danielle.

Danielle: Haha, that’s right! [Smiling, she frames her generous blackbred belly in her hands] Back to you, Jenny.

Jenny: What a beautiful sight. I’m certain those black babies won’t be her last, either.

Black Baby Boom – White Baby Bust Story
Scene: Have some news-style infographics behind Jenny’s desk like she’s a weathergirl, plotting out the USA with swaths of darkening grey or brown – the black breeding density map per state. Most of the map is at least a middle intensity, with areas like Texas and the South almost totally blackbred now.

Jenny: Megan Fox’s black pregnancy is just one example of the recent black baby boom sweeping across the nation. Last year, the census bureau reported a 2.3% rise in the number of births per capita, nearly tripling the previous declining birthrate and almost all resulting in the birth of black babies. White couples across the country are giving up on traditional birth control, but that isn’t all they are giving up. Here’s our intern Mary with her special project report. Mary?

Hospital Scene
Scene: Mary the Intern isn’t pregnant (in this story at least), and younger than the other field reporters, still in her teen years and somewhat innocent. The hospital shows some staff moving about around the halls as Mary prepares to interview the white couple sitting nearby. They are holding hands and smiling broadly, the wife being very much pregnant.]

Mary: Hello Jenny! I’m here at Buck Hospital with Bill and Amanda, a married white couple that are about to make a very important decision. [Turning to them] What decision is that?

Amanda: [As Bill looks on at his bubbly wife with a proud smile on his face] My husband and I have decided to fully devote ourselves to the black race.

Mary: Really? What brought you two to that decision?

Amanda: Well, it started when my best friend told me she was pregnant with a black man’s baby. I was shocked! She was married to a white man and got pregnant with his baby a few months ago. But she told me after she felt a big Negro cock inside her… Well, she decided to have ‘The Fix’ for herself and her husband. It was sooo hot that Bill and I just had to do the same!

Mary: That sounds wonderful! But what is ‘The Fix’?

Amanda: [She blushes, but continues on like it is really turning her on] Why, you get Bill here gelded, and then you abort this whitebred white baby inside me! [She pats her belly, smiling broadly.]

Mary: Wow, that’s hot! I mean, are you okay with that, Bill?

Bill: [As enthusiastic as his wife] Oh yes! After we talked with Amanda’s friend and saw her white belly growing with an African baby, we just knew ‘The Fix’ was right for us. My wife needs to be blackbred as soon as possible, and we can’t risk her having my white baby instead!

Mary: [Clearly turned on by it, biting her lip] Could… could we broadcast your procedures for all the viewers of BBN?

Bill and Amanda: [They look at one another, and then yell out enthusiastically together] YES!

Operating Room
Scene: Both husband and wife are in the same room wearing scrubs, laying on tables beside one another. They are still holding hands and smiling at one another as doctors and nurses mill around the equipment. Trays for both the gelding and the abortion lay nearby, and Mary clutches the microphone in both hands.

Mary: Oh my… Um, we are here in the operating room, about to witness ‘The Fix’ firsthand! Oh god this is so exciting.

Scene: A female doctor, Doctor Bredwell, comes over to Bill, and puts a mask on him. In moments he is out cold, and his wife lets go of his hand. She starts masturbating instead as she watches. His pants are pulled down, revealing his small white package. The doctor picks up the pliers, but then the wife Amanda sits up suddenly.

Amanda: Oh please, let me do it!

Mary: Oh my! It appears Bill’s wife is going to be the one to geld her husband - Get a close up, quick!

Amanda: [The doctor hands her the pliers, and as Amanda prepares them about her husband’s small balls] You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to do this, honey... [She gets off as she starts to tighten the pliers, her pussy dripping wetly as she gelds her husband in a sing-song voice] Mmmmm, no more white babies for you any mo – ooore![Either she gelds him like in The Class with pliers, or she performs it another way.]

Mary: [Mary’s hands tremble on the microphone, her eyes wide and speaking with awe.] She did it. This pregnant wife actually gelded her white husband. He’ll never be able to make another white baby again… [Mary regains some composure as Amanda lays back onto her table, grinning ear to ear.] But now it’s Amanda’s turn to do her part and get that whitebred womb of hers fixed!

Amanda: [Amanda puts her legs in the stirrups as the blackbred doctor prepares her tools. The pregnant wife’s pussy is absolutely drenched.] God, I’ve never been so turned on in my life. Do it, Doctor Bredwell. Abort my husband’s whitebred baby!

Doctor Bredwell: With pleasure, Miss.

Scene: Similar to the abortion scene in BBN3 but with a few more panels, Amanda’s big belly is visible in one shot as she moans and squirms in pleasure as the doctor gets between her legs, then with sound effects of the abortion in the next panel beside a stunned and blushing Mary as she looks on trembling with excitement, then back to Amanda cumming with a significantly smaller belly as the abortion is successful.

Amanda: Mmm… oh… oh I can feel it… It’s inside my womb… Ah – ah! AHHH!! Oh my god, it’s gone! It’s gone! My husband’s whitebred baby is finally gone! My womb is only for black babies now - OH MY GOD I’M CUMMING!!!

Jenny: Wow! What a powerful scene! What is it like down there, Mary? …Mary?

Mary: [The intern stands there staring at the post-orgasmic woman, mouth slack and her legs drenched in shimmering cum. She takes a panel to regain her focus.] Um, sorry Jenny. I’ve never seen ‘The Fix’ before, but that was so… soooo fucking HOT! I mean, um, touching, or inspiring – ah, er…

Jenny: No need to say more, Mary. I’m sure all our viewers can see how ‘inspiring’ it has been for you. Do you think you will ever have a white man’s baby, Mary?

Mary: NO! Definitely not! In fact – Tommy? [She looks intensely at the camera, speaking with her boyfriend over the air] I know you’re watching. You better get ‘The Fix’ with me, or we are so DONE! My belly is only for black babies now, and that’s final!

Jenny: [Licking her lips] You won’t regret it, Mary. What do you think your next special report will be on?

Mary: [Absolutely beaming now and lifting her shirt] Isn’t it obvious? Getting my pale womb filled with as many black babies as possible - LIVE, of course! Back to you, Jenny.

Jenny: With an attitude like that, I’m sure you’ll be our ‘biggest’ star in no time, Mary.

Black Breeding Reality Shows Story
Scene: Back to Jenny in the newsroom.

Jenny: Mary isn’t our only rising star in our quickly blackening country though. The premieres of two BBC-themed reality shows have shot to the top of the charts as unprecedented numbers of viewers tuned in. Exploring these blockbuster newcomers is our media correspondent, Lucy.

Lucy: Thanks, Jenny! This season is absolutely sizzling, and BBN has an exclusive look behind the scenes of these must-see programs. First up is “Breed My Naughty Daughter”, where badly-behaving white teens are sent to rehab – in an all-black ghetto!

Breed My Naughty Daughter Scene
Scene: A reality TV narrator speaks off-screen and there are frequent time-skips between scenes in a flashy way for both shows. This one starts showing a teen girl, wearing a cheeky black anarchy t-shirt and short plaid skirt, smoking a joint and looking out her bedroom window.

Narrator: Becca James is a bad girl who thinks she’s got everything figured out. Her parents annoy her, she skips school regularly, and she even smokes pot. Becca is a high school senior out of control.

Scene: Show the parents looking concerned about their daughter.

Mother: Our Becca is very rebellious. She used to be such a good girl, and now all she talks about is going to a liberal arts college, bringing down the patriarchy, and traveling across Europe. I don’t even know her anymore.

Father: She needs to know what is important, like having the right kind of man take control of her. Or men - Multiple men would be even better!

Scene: Switch to Becca sleeping in her bedroom as the door creaks open, and then a black man jumps in and seizes her pajama-clad body.

Narrator: Naughty Becca needs an intervention – a black cock intervention!

Becca: W-what!? Let go of me!

Black Thug: You’re comin’ wit us, bitch!

Gang Initiation Scene: Gratuitous sex scenes of Becca’s cloths getting torn off in the gang’s grungy hideout, multiple black cocks taking advantage of her mouth and face, fondling her all over as she struggles and wails, just short of actual penetration. The bold words span a few of these panels.

Narrator: One white girl, trapped in the ghetto slums, forced to be the slave of a lusty black gang. For one. Whole. WEEK!

Scene: Switch to a big black cock being forced into Becca’s white pussy as she screams and struggles against the gang’s black hands holding her down. She watches in horror as it pushes inside.

Becca: No, don’t put it in me. I’m a virgin!

Thug 1: Hear dat? Bitch is fresh, yo!

Thug 2: Give that ho the nigga bone.

Thug 3:  Imma rip yo white cunt up, bitch! RAGHHH!

Becca: NOOO – AHHHH!!

Scene: Like before, more gratuitous sex scenes with gangbanging and cumshots, all over her body and face. The bold text spans several panels, and ‘No pulling out’ is accompanied by a panel with a thick internal cumshot. A stylized ‘For TV’ internal view of her pink womb getting soaked with African sperm follows with its own glitzy caption.

Narrator: These dirty black thugs don’t hold anything back in their hood: No condoms, no pills, and no pulling out.

Becca: Nooo, not inside…

Thug 1: Get dat white bitch pregnant!

Thug 2: A nigga baby’ll teach ya right.

Thug 3: You’s a knocked-up ho now! Hahaha!

Stylized Internal Caption: Black Bred Teen Pussy!!

Scene: Time skip. Now she is lying on her back, looking a little dirtier and well-fucked, held down again and watching with scared eyes as a thug tattoos the gang’s symbol onto her bare mound. Her pussy is close to the camera, legs spread, and her bare mound is on full display, the black tattoo half-etched onto her as her pussy oozes the remnants of their cum.

Narrator: She’ll have to endure a white ho’s rite of passage…

Becca: Stop, it hurts!

Thug 1: Shut it, bitch. Yo cracka cunt be our’s now.

Street Scene: Now on the street, Becca dirtier and dressed in a super slutty outfit, being sent out by one of the thugs pointing down the street.

Narrator: And walk the streets as the gang’s newest whore.

Thug 1: Get movin’, slut! Make me some money.

Becca: O-okay…

Scene: The next panel has her being propositioned by another thuggish man, towering over her and planting his arm against the wall behind her as he leers at her sexy body.

Black Man: Damn girl, you be some fine white ass…

Becca: Umm, thank you…?

Scene: The next is her taking his bare load inside her pussy from behind, right there in the street as passer-bys look on, as she looks back with a submissive look on her face.

Passerby 1: Shit! Fucking slutty white bitches…

Passerby 2: Imma get me some of that pussy next!

Scene: The next panel is him pulled out, her pussy pouring with his cum as her ass sticks out towards the camera, and he slaps down a twenty dollar bill onto her bare ass.

Black Man: FUCK! That’s some tight cracka pussy, rich girl. Here’s a twenty – Haha!

Becca: T-thank you for using me, sir.

Final Hideout Scene: Back in the gang’s hideout, Becca is now riding on top of a muscled thug while she takes another up her ass and jerks off the third. Her nipples are now pierced, and her gang tattoo has grown to cover her whole mound. She looks dirtier and more used than ever.

Narrator: In the ghetto, the only screams you hear are screams of pleasure…

Thug 1: Say it again, ho!

Becca: [A look of growing ecstasy on her face, eyes closed] I’m a black cock slut.

Thug 2: Naw bitch, better! [Slams his dick harder into her. She arches and wails out.]

Becca: I’m your black cock slut!

Thug 3: What you gonna do for our gang, whitebread?

Becca: [Orgasming as she says it] I’ll make it grow – Ohhhh! I’m gonna BREED!!

Back Home Scene: Becca arrives at her house again, standing meekly on the doorstep wearing her slutty outfit with thick cum trickling down her leg. Her parents hug each other one-armed, as if proud to see their daughter in such a ‘reformed’ state.

Narrator: Will she come back reformed…

Scene: Back in her room, now laying back on her bed with a huge black dildo between her legs, cumming hard as the fake black phallus stretches her blackbred pussy. Her pierced tits hang out from her pulled-down shirt, and her gang tattoo is completely visible above her creamy pussy.

Becca: Fuck me more. Fuck me with your big nigger – COCKS!!

Narrator: … Or find herself relapsed as a naughty black cock slut? Find out this season on Breed my Naughty Daughter!

Black Breeding Reality Shows Story
Scene: Back to Jenny and Lucy in the newsroom, the Breed my Naughty Daughter logo on the screen behind them.

Jenny: That was a naughty girl for certain, Lucy. Do you think Becca learned a valuable lesson about pleasing black men?

Lucy: For certain! The executive producer told me that her parents are very proud of her change of attitude. No more silly talk about Europe or the patriarchy - now she’s totally into thug rappers and black athletes like any girl her age should be.

Jenny: Very good, and how are her college studies?

Lucy: Put on an indefinite hold – for obvious reasons…

Scene: Put up a new picture of Becca on the studio screen, wearing a big smile and her original rebellious clothing – the skirt riding low enough to show off most of her gang tattoo, her pale chest bare and her breasts bigger now, holding a healthy black baby that suckles at her young tit.

Lucy: Becca gave birth to the gang’s black baby just a few months ago, and is planning on moving back to the ghetto and find her black baby’s gangster father – whoever he is, that is!

Jenny: Mmmm, I think we can all agree that is the best kind of black father. [She licks her lips]

Lucy: But naughty white teens are not all that is titillating the nation this season, Jenny.

Jenny: Really?

Lucy: That’s right! Topping the charts in every category is the breakout hit: “Go Back or Stay Black”. Roll it!

Go Back or Stay Black Scene
Scene: A few panels of a suburban house, a normal happy family (husband, two children), and an under-the-covers-lights-off sex scene between the husband and wife.

Narrator: Sarah Andrews lives a typical life. A little suburban house, a little happy family, and a VERYlittle white husband!

Sarah: [breakfast table panel]How was school today?

Kid: Good!

Sarah: [bedroom sex panel] Hehehe, oh honey… Are you in yet?

Narrator: But her sheltered upper-class life is about to take a turn. A DARK turn!

Scene: Sarah now stands at the front door of a run-down shack of a house, looking uncomfortable as a tall black man grins down at her.

Tyrell: Name’s Tyrell. Welcome home, bitch.

Scene: The next few panels have her doing the dishes while he watches TV, putting down dinner at his grungy table as he smokes some weed, and doing laundry as best she can while he fucks a white girl in the background.

Narrator: One meek white wife has one month to make the most important decision of her life. Whether she will go back to her nice comfortable life in the suburbs…

First Black Fuck Scene: A big panel showing her getting black cock for the first time in her married pussy doggy-style, her eyes wide and screaming with pleasure as she cum instantly on the huge member.

Narrator: Or stay black and never go back!

Sarah: OH MY GOD!!

Tyrell: Fuck, take my black snake! Yeah!!

Daily Life of a BCS Scene: Sarah is shown being broken in by her new black lover in various ways, like giving up her anal virginity to him, sucking cock for the first time, and walking in public without panties with her pussy leaking black cum.

Narrator: For thirty days, Sarah will become a black man’s property to use as he wants, whenever he pleases. No act is too extreme – no taboo is off-limits!

Scene: Each panel has its corresponding text. For friends, Sarah kneels between three men, all jerking their big black cocks as she takes their hot loads all over her pale body. For homeless shelter, Sarah serves hot meals without a top to bunches of drooling grungy black men. For work, she is dressed in a skanky outfit as Tyrell pimps out a few other whores.

Narrator: She must live the life of a black man’s property, and that means meeting all his friends… Volunteering at the local homeless shelter… and supporting her man at his work.

Breeding Scene: Sarah stands over a toilet, looking hard at what is in her hands, and then a shot from within the toilet as she pours out her bag of birth control wistfully. The next panel shows her being inseminated on the grungy bed as she cries out. A ‘For TV’ inner view of her egg getting swamped with African sperm is outlined with a glitzy “Black Bred Bitch!!” in exclamatory colors in a panel or outlined next to it.

Narrator: But her duties as a black owned white wife also include making a family. No birth control is allowed – Period! And it won’t be long before Sarah gets in the family way…

Sarah: Oh god Tyrell, you make me feel so good…

Tyrell: That’s a good white wifey. Now take all of this black daddy’s cum…

Sarah: But I’ll get pregnant!

Tyrell: Damn straight you will – MMMM!!

Climax Scene: Sarah throws down her apron and yells at Tyrell in protest of everything, and then moves towards the door as he yells at her from the living room.

Narrator: Will she get fed up with how she is being treated by her new black lover?

Sarah: I’ve had enough with your house, your ‘hoes’, and you calling me your slut! I’m leaving you for my real husband – tonight!

Tyrell: Oh yeah? Your hubby’s puny white dick can’t satisfy you anymore. Face it, you’re a slut for my big black cock for life!

Sarah: I am NOT your slut for anything!! [slams door]

Scene: Time skip, now Tyrell has Sarah pressed up against a wall, his cock pounding her sopping-wet pussy and her eyes rolling with ultimate pleasure. He presses her harder and she raises up to her tip-toes as she admits her true love in life. Then they cum together explosively.

Narrator: Or will she find the taste of her new life irresistible to refuse?

Sarah: Ohhhh god, Tyrell. I love you. I love your big black cock, more than anything in the world!

Tyrell: Even your white hubby and kids?

Sarah: Fuck yessss! I only want your black cock, honey. I only want to have your black babies!! Oh god, I’m cumming on your nigger cock, Tyrell!!

Tyrell: Here’s the start of your new black family, slut! RAGHHH!


The Re-Meeting Scene: Sarah’s husband opens the door with a big smile on his face, but in the next panel it drops suddenly.

Narrator: In the end, it’ll be apparent which side she’ll choose. Either she is going back…

Husband: Honey, you’re back! I missed you so…

Husband: Wait, your dress… and why is that black man here…?

Narrator: Or…

Scene: The view shifts to Sarah, wearing an ultra-slutty outfit that leaves little to the imagination, dolled up like one of Tyrell’s whores and with a collar that reads ‘BCS’. She’s smiling, looking at her husband with disdain.

Sarah: Honey, it’s fucking over.

Husband: W-what do you mean, honey? What’s over?

Sarah: My marriage to a pathetic whiteboy like you. [She hands something that he doesn’t look down at. The shot doesn’t reveal what the objects are yet]. You can have your fancy house, and those fucking whitebred kids. Take them. I don’t want them anymore.

Husband: [He doesn’t look down yet] Oh my god, honey! Please, don’t you want–?

Sarah: All I want is right here… [She strokes Tyrell’s thick member through his pants as he grips and fondles her nearly-bare tits in front of her husband, grinning over her shoulder.] And as you can see, I’m already starting a new family. With a real man this time.

Husband: [He looks down and gasps, then the shot goes to what she put in his hand – her house key, her gold wedding ring, and a fresh positive pregnancy test.] Y-you’re-?!

Sarah: That’s right honey. I’m staying black, and NOT going back!

Black Breeding Reality Shows Story
Scene: Back to Jenny and Lucy in the newsroom. Jenny has a little tear in her eye that she is wiping away.

Jenny: Awww, I’m such a sucker for happy endings like that. Reminds me of my first time going black. Obviously I never went back either!

Lucy: None of us ever do, Jenny. Sarah got married to Tyrell the same day she dumped her white husband, and is now working happily as his most popular whore. The happy couple sent a video update to the BBN a few months after the show was shot. Lets take a look!

Video Scene: The big screen shows her happy face before the panel fills up with the movie for subsequent shots. It is a handheld camera, first focused only on her face – a big smile and the look of a nicely used whore certainly setting in across her once dainty features.

Sarah: Hey there Black Breeding Network! I have a little update since I became a black cock slut on national television. [A little aside as she giggles and looks back] Oooo, be careful back there, Daddy.

Scene: The camera shifts down, showing off a top-down view of her naked breasts and the huge swell of her belly – certainly not just a single black baby is kicking in there. There’s also an ace of spades tattoo on one of her breasts, which have definitely swollen with milk since her last video appearance.

Sarah: As you can see, I’m totally black pregnant now! Tyrell made love to me so well over that whole month – Oooooh, honey… Okay, hehe, I’ll be a good slut!

Sarah: [Her eyes narrow and she takes on a way more seductive, naughty look.] Ahhh, I mean, this big tough nigger fucked my white cunt so fucking good that he knocked me up with fucking QUADRUPLETS! GOD! I wasn’t even on fertility pills…

Sarah: [A shocked look with her mouth and eyes wide as Tyrell whispers something in her ear] What’s that honey? You spiked my drinks with them!? You fucking bastard!!

Sarah: [She kisses him hard on the lips, absolutely turned on beyond measure.] I LOVE you!

Sarah: [Now she is getting fucked properly and looks back to the camera] Well, that explains a lot. Mmmm, hold my big blackbred belly when you fuck me, Tyrell!

Scene: The camera moves so that it shows both of them in the middle of fucking. Apparently she places it on a countertop so the audience can see Tyrell rutting into Sarah’s pregnant pussy from behind, his massive balls slapping between her quivering thighs. The place is still grungy, but with baby supplies and low-income junk (beers, tv dinners, etc) surrounding the lewd couple.

Sarah: Agreeing to go onto “Go Back or Stay Black” was the best decision of my life, and I hope many white women sign up and realize they are just like me – Born to become black cock sluts for life! Oh Tyrell, fuck me with your big nigger babymaker. You made me a mommy, now make this nigger bred mommy cum! Oh FUCK, I’m CUMMMINGGGGG!!”

Black Breeding Reality Shows Story
Scene: Back to Jenny and Lucy in the newsroom. Both women are clearly turned on, rubbing their bellies as they watch an explosion of cum erupt into Sarah’s pale pussy from the ebony monster inside her.

Jenny: Mmmm, isn’t that inspiring, Lucy?

Lucy: God yes… If I wasn’t already six months pregnant, I’d get out there and get black bred this instant!

Jenny: Lets hope our fertile viewers have the same idea!

Jenny: [Jenny turns for her final goodbye, striking a seductive pose] Well, that just about wraps up our time for tonight’s edition of Black Breeding Network. On behalf of every blackbred slut and nigger stud here, I wish you all a good interracial fucking and an even better black breeding. This is Jenny, signing off so I can get myself knocked up by some sexy African stud. Good night!

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