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      My next premium story is available on Smashwords and Amazon, the first in a series of stories called White-Collar Werewolf. Not only will this blog feature a delightful coupon for my loyal viewers, but now my blog will be the only venue to feature exclusive text from the juiciest parts of my stories – stuff that is too vivid to belong in book descriptions.

      Richard Underman lives an average life - for a newly sired werewolf. He lives in a quiet neighborhood, drives an unreliable car, and works a soul-sucking corporate job under  the stunning yet tyrannical Danielle Pennington. When overtime work traps him in the office on the night of a full moon with his gorgeous and fertile boss, Richard finds his situation becoming very furry – and fast.

      Over ten-thousand words tell Richard’s wolfish tale in this first installment in the White Collar Werewolf series. Themes of werewolf transformation, dominance/submission reversals, naughty office setting, werewolf-on-human sex, knotting, and impregnation accompany this story, and will certainly appeal to those out there that like a rough and primal sexual adventure.

      Also gracing my shelves this week are my newest story covers! I have raised enough money from my fledgling story sales to afford professional pictures. I will be updating my previous works with more appropriate artwork, and will be branding new works with my newfound art collection well into the future. If anyone finds particularly striking photos on DepositPhotos during this month, let me know so I can snatch them up!

      Here is a preview too naughty for the preview sections of Smashwords or Amazon, but not too naughty for my loyal blog viewers:

      “Bad dog! You dirty mongrel, stop!" The timbre of her voice rose, a high-pitch that hung on as I panted between her legs. I couldn’t help myself. I huffed in her intoxicating scent, getting drunk from her overwhelming feminine musk. I had to taste this alpha bitch. 

      “Ohhh, you bad dog!” She quailed and shook as my hot tongue lapped her drooling quim from her inner thighs. The delicious grool disappeared into my hungry mouth, my wolfish instincts not allowing me to savor her taste but rather compelling me to devour more. The moment my eager licking reached her thong-covered pussy her tiny hands clamped down around my ears.

      “Oh god, oh gooood,” she moaned, unable to control her shaking legs. Her hands felt so good clenching around my ears, a trick my sire taught me rather quickly during my first change. I punished her impudence by biting through the thin triangle of fabric covering her sex and growled, a muffled sound that reverberated between her legs and resonated through her overly-sensitive sex. That got to her.

      “Oh shit! Shit, that feels too good!” She tugged on my sensitive ears, as if imploring me to growl even louder. I did. My tongue found its way into her tight hole, the slime of my saliva mixing with the cream of her juices deep within. I nuzzled the little nub of her clit while feeding on her feminine cum, and that feasting sent her over the edge.

      “Mmmm!” Danielle Pennington quavered and bucked on her desk like a caught fish. If it wasn’t for her thighs clamped around my skull and hands gripping my ears for dear life she would have thrown herself off the desk. Gushes of her feminine juices poured into my maw, staining my muzzle with her ambrosial cream. The excess dripped wetly onto the paperwork strewn beneath her.

      The feast had only sharpened my hunger pangs, the sort that tested the patience and straining of my loins. The alpha bitch laid supine across her desk, barely able to catch her breath while constrained in the tightness of her blouse. I remedied that.

      “No! That's expensive - Nooo!” she protested as my claws bisected her fine blouse, the buttons flying in every direction. The shredded remains flopped open like the broken wings of a pale bird on either side of her carefully tanned midsection. Danielle tried to hide the dark lace of her bra like a shy schoolgirl. That was a mistake.

      She let out a fearful squeal when I pinned her arms hard to the table and bared my fangs mere inches above her face. She trembled, knowing she crossed me. “B-bad dog, don't you dare!” the little lamb threatened, “Be a good boy, you nasty mutt-” I snapped my jaws in her face, and she relented, “S-sorry! I’ll be good, just calm down!”

      Better. The former alpha would learn her place as my beta, step by step. I let up, and with one stroke I sliced apart her lacy bra. She winced, but let the silky flaps fall free from her firm tits without resisting. I would take this bitch bare. The same fate befell her black skirt and ripped panties, all torn apart by my eager paws. She whimpered as her business attire now barely clung to her in ragged strips, completely ruined.

      Yet her pussy glistened and drooled with fresh cum and warm saliva, and she didn’t dare deny my view of her wet sex. The blond kept her mound neatly trimmed, a little triangle of golden hair above her pink folds. However enticing it would be to breed her right then, her earlier defiance could not go unpunished. Even a lovely trembling bitch needed to learn who the real alpha was...

      I want to give a big thank-you to my enthusiastic and helpful Alpha reader, who has helped all three of my published stories thus far a great deal. He will be receiving a free copy of the completed work. I also will invite anyone else who is interested in becoming an Alpha Reader to refer to my post detailing application for it, as well as provide everyone who takes the time and pleasure to read my blog a 67% off coupon for my story on Smashwords until September 6th. The coupon code is: FJ22Q

      Remember, I could use all the comments and ratings I can get about my books on Smashwords and Amazon, and I love reading what readers think of my efforts. My next writing project will be picking up on my Ashley’s Dark Awakening series where I left off, and of course that whole main series will remain a free work for everyone to enjoy.

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