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      I recently had the pleasure to work on copy-editing a bestiary manual for a very cool 3D artist, Rastakax. His interest lies in sexy heroines falling into the clutches of fertile monsters, and bearing their frightful offspring – topics which he explores in both pictures and movies on his blog here.

      At the end of his bestiary describing many of these monsters, he has a short story about ‘Princess Kirin’, an elf princess who is just too horny for her own good. Perhaps we will see more of this wayward princess in future animations from him, but for now here is her story as shared in the bestiary. Enjoy!

The Tale of Princess Kirin
      In a time not long ago, Kirin was a beautiful elven princess. She lived in a great castle and had all the things a young woman could wish for. But she was carefree and couldn't stand the boring life overseeing the court. Not only that, but Kirin was also lusty and impatient, compelled to wait for her prince who was the only one permitted by elfish law to take her virginity - even if his arrival took a hundred years.

      So one dark night, Kirin ran away from the castle and into the deep, dark forest. "I must fuck something soon, or I will go crazy!" Kirin thought. Then she just so happened to meet a band of flying monkeys.

      The elf princess had never seen or heard about them before, but it was obvious from their growing members what they wanted. The short fur-covered creatures hovered around her with bat-like wings, their large balls hanging beneath their erected organs.

      "Finally!" Kirin cried out, and immediately opened her wanting thighs. The monsters dove in, tearing aside her clothing and her precious hymen. One after another the beasts fucked Kirin, taking turns to stretch out her tight princess pussy and spurt their moneky-loads deep inside her. Only when the sun began to crest over the canopy of trees did the troop depart, leaving Kirin gasping in pleasure, her pussy running over with inhuman semen.

      Having had a taste of what the world had to offer, Kirin continued her naughty adventures and ran into far more trouble. Though often robbed of everything she had, or captured by disgusting unclean beasts, or fucked by brutes whose cocks stretched out and ruined her perfect pussy, Kirin loved every encounter more than the last. Many times she returned to her monstrous lovers for another breeding session.

      For weeks Kirin did not consider the risk she was taking when she took these monstrous loads deep inside her fertile pussy. But after a few months she found her belly growing rounder, and suddenly she realized that one of her inhuman lovers had knocked her up! But as she found her clothes growing too tight to wear, she thought it would be easy being a single monster mother. "And monster babies are so cute!" She thought.

      But becoming a mother to monsters was not as Kirin believed. Seven months after she ran away from the castle, Kirin screamed in an abandoned barn as she pushed two little winged monkey spawns from her tiny pussy. Immediately she found her freedom very much restricted. Unable to return to the castle with her pretty Sky Ape babies, Kirin took up an offer of help from a band of Beastmen. They took her to a little hovel on the outskirts of the forest and set her up in a shack with a steady supply of food, and in exchange they wanted to all have sex with her.

      "Well, what can it hurt?" Kirin thought, rubbing her pussy for the goat-men as they surrounded her. "I've already been pregnant. What's the worst that can happen?" She fucked the whole band for a little more than a year, and so often that the rest of the hovel could not get sleep from all her lewd cries. It was little surprise to anyone when Kirin wailed in her shack when she gave birth to one, two, and eventually three Beastmen kids in short succession.

      But that wasn't the end. Days after giving birth, Kirin's band of Beastmen were slain by a huge Ogre, who then threatened to flatten Kirin's hovel. "Oh please, don't hurt me or my babies!" Kirin cried, and offered her pussy instead. The Ogre picked her up and used her as a fucktoy for weeks until a band of Gnoll warriors slew the beast in turn. But it was too late for Kirin, whose belly already swelled with the ogre's offspring.

      The Gnolls took over the hovel, impregnating the monster whores there throughout the year, and Kirin was no exception. The day after she birthed twin ogres the warriors burst into her shack and mounted her. "Nooo, no more monster babies!" Cried Kirin, but the Gnolls gave her only their canine spunk. Kirin gave birth to two puppies a few months later.

      When the Gnolls tired of the women they departed, and not a week later a Cyclops moved in! The huge monster would not be satisfied by anything but an elvish pussy, and so Kirin reluctantly gave herself to the monster. "You can fuck me, but don't give me another baby!" The desperate woman cried, but the Cyclops fucked his sperm into her elvish womb anyway, and nine months later she pushed out its baby to add to her huge brood.

      Now she is trapped in her ramshackle hovel with ten uncouth, untidy monster babies to care for while another big baby is on the way, while the band of Trolls that impregnated her a few months ago demand sex from her every night and morning. Kirin's monster children bustle and fight and quarrel, her distended belly and stretched pussy looking over-used and ungainly, and the once pristine princess now lives an endless drudgery of cooking, suckling, and fucking day in and day out.

      And she lived happily ever after.

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