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MILF Seducing Baseball Coach
      Couches have their jobs cut out for them when lusty baseball moms want their sons to have more playtime. Our sexiest mom seduces her son’s couch just for that, wearing tiny shorts and a team hat just to show her team spirit. Looking pretty cute in her backwards baseball cap, the couch scores a home run in her pussy – and maybe she’ll be adding members to his team soon enough.

Succubus Kisses Sucks Fucks Creampie
      Lelu has become the sexy succubus she has always been, and is preying on her poor husband. All but paralyzed by her supernatural powers, he can only watch as she has her way with his body and drains the spunk and life from him. I personally enjoy these predator female angles quite a bit!

Teasing BJ Riding  Scissor Creampie
       Feeling like being such a fucking tease, Lelu tempts her husband in every way before sinking his bare meat deep inside her. Instructing him how to spank her, touch her, and finally fuck her, she gets her just deserts in the end – or rather her fertile pussy does. Their scissor-fucking gives a great view of her deep insemination, and her dirty talk is not to be missed.

      My my, tons of updates for the month of September to cover. For those of you who have been craving new comic arcs, this will be the update to pay attention to. Lately the forums at Illustrated Interracial erupted with new activity, largely focused around two stories submitted by a user named MirandaMorgan. It is still unclear where exactly all the new interest came from, but there was great enthusiasm about these new stories, and much clamoring for them to be made into comics.

      Well, I have been promoting Illustrated Interracial for years now, and I have learned that it is a very gradual process. Panel updates take 3-5 days to complete, and average-length stories take a few months to complete. Fobbs the artist had five works on the table, three being his epic-length comics that have spanned years (Flag Girls, Manza, and Emptiness), and two new comics that have likewise drawn a fair amount of attention (Lust for the Librarian and No Words).

      In short, I did not expect these new stories to make it into the comic roster for months, but I was proven wrong. Fobbs made a rare statement that he was putting down Flag Girls, Manza, and No Words for the time being in order to begin development on the two new stories. Quite the change of plans!

      Too bad there wasn’t a huge following for my script that I posted in these updates the last time, but I am still patient and hopeful that the next installment of Black Breeding Network will be using my lovingly crafted screenplay. In the meantime however the next month will be rather interesting on that site, and I am most curious to see if Fobbs can pick up his pace to satisfy his burgeoning fanbase at this point. Two panels a week simply won’t do with this eager crowd!

      Next month I will cover some of his new titles and give an update on any other changes, as Lust for the Librarian is really heating up at a fast pace and Emptiness may very well be reaching its (current) conclusion. Stay tuned for next month’s update to find out! Or, you know, sign up as a member on the site and see these developments for yourself.

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