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      Michelle Claude’s husband cheated on her. Trapped in a trophy marriage with her underwhelming lover, Michelle’s only hope for vengeance lies in squandering his money any way she can. Or is it? While shopping for sexy lingerie she encounters an arrogant black thug who wants what any man wants from the posh beauty, and thus a dark plan of risk and debauchery is set into motion that will give Michelle far more than the revenge she anticipated…

      A Wife’s Dark Revenge is the first chapter in a series covering topics of adultery, interracial relations, and breeding. Those who enjoy stories of affluent wives falling into a world of naughty risk and fertile consequences will enjoy reading about Michelle’s dark desire for retribution in the sexiest ways possible.

      Here is a small sample of Michelle’s descent into her dark revenge:

      “Mmm, and wifey is bringing home guests,” He smiled, exposing the obnoxious grill as he slapped her ass again.

      “I told you to stop that,” Michelle growled, but didn’t try to remove his hand. Every swaying step reminded her of how this man touched her, so roughly and firmly unlike her dainty-touched husband. He held her like he already owned her. In a way it exhilarated her to be disregarded so completely by this stranger.

      She opened the doors and stepped in, and her dark guest looked around. “Shit, you people are fucking decked out,” he said, in awe at the chandeliers and polished wood furniture arranged in the foyer.

      “Do you want a tour?” Michelle said, an edge to her voice as his attention momentarily flowed away from her to her husband’s toys.

      “Fuck that. The only place I want to see is your bedroom,” he said. The words sizzled down Michelle’s back and fell like hot embers into the pit of her belly. She stepped to the staircase across the room and ran her fingers along the railing.

      “It’s upstairs. This way,” she said, and began the climb. The staircase was long, winding around to the upper floor, and close behind her eager black consort followed. Michelle knew full well he could see up her dress. His warm load still squished between her legs, no longer dripping out but definitely still buried deep inside her pussy.

      Every step a lewd barely-audible shlick escaped her moist sex, and her pert ass swayed on full display for her perverted lover. The thug made no attempts to hide his stare, humming and stroking his lively member through his sweatpants behind her.

      “Can’t you control yourself?” Michelle asked as she walked, “You’re acting like an animal.”

      “Yeah, I’m an animal alright. I’m your fucking black stallion, baby.”

      A jolt ran through Michelle’s chest, her heart seizing one too many times. Just like her lewdest fantasies, she was leading a man up into her bedroom. But instead of a blond-haired Danish warrior, it was a thuggish African man with an ego the size of his package. Somehow, Michelle knew her old fantasy just couldn’t compare to reality anymore…

      She stepped into the bedroom, and closed the door behind him. She locked it, and placed the key on the mantel above the fireplace.

      “Afraid someone might interrupt us, baby?”

      “Yes. My husband.” She set down her collection of bags on the bed, the clothes alone worth more than a few thousand dollars. No doubt her husband’s credit card bill would be through the roof, but that no longer mattered. Michelle had found a new way to get back at him, and that way was already stripping off his baggy shirt and sunglasses behind her.

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