Emily Outfit Designs and Small Update

Hey everyone, it's been a while. I'm sorry I still haven't gotten around to finishing off the edits on "The Locker Room" set yet. I've been quite busy with some IRL work and some behind the scenes world building for the Emily Story and other related secret projects that I'll talk more about soon.

My Current ETA on "The Locker Room" is some time in the next week. Most likley the next 3 days. But that's what I said last time so I can't 100% confirm it. Maybe It'll be out tonight. If it's been more than 3 days somebody just nag me! While I'm usually 100% busy sometimes It'll be the case that I actually forget that It stilll needs to be finished and will work on something else so If It's not up in 3 days just post here and tell me to get a move on already :D.

What I thought I'd do is share some more unreleased concepts/designs from the behind the scenes of the upcoming "Emily's Negotiation" story. Below are all of the Costumes/outfits that Andi and I considered for her to wear in the first scene of the story.


Of course, we finally settled on just the plain suit shown below as we felt it best fit with Emily's personality. Not to mention she's changed a little since her encounter with the zombies and prefers more provocative attire. But more on that Later.


Which outfit designs are your favourite? Maybe We'll get to see her in one of the unused designs in some other set.

"The Locker Room" Coming Soon. For reals this time. Thanks for the support!

~ Jimjim

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