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      Like the title suggests, this movie has a sexy pregnant girl smoking while her step-dad convinces her by degrees to take off her clothes, let him touch her, and eventually to fuck for, ‘the good of their family’. Pseudo-incest and smoking pregnant cuties aside, I personally like the girl because the expressions she makes in the first half. Reminds me very much of a good friend of mine who I have wanted to bang for a long, long time… ahhh…

      Here’s an interesting clip beyond just the professional porn scene it shows. The porn plot is that our sexy pregnant girl stumbles into some kind of black supremacy meeting (looks almost Nazi-esc… kinda weird), and gets gangbanged. Straightforward! Afterward that is an interview with the actress, and I rather enjoy those! Also goes to show that a pregnant girl can be used to great effect for any genre (“I’m black/alien/incest/insert your own pregnant!”), something that seems to elude some producers apparently.

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      This is simply a great amateur film. The newly married couple are in their romantic bedroom, the wife is dressed in a terribly sexy set of lingerie that doesn’t last long with her husband there, and the two fuck in a variety of positions before he dutifully inseminates her. Those who like hot amateur stuff should check it out.

      Another Fake Agent movie, this time starring another European girl who is rather willing to do adult acting for the proposed ridiculously-high pay. Thus they fuck and suck and try some anal, all before the studly blurred-out guy cums inside her. Immediately she launches into a fury, switching back to her native language and chastising him about inseminating her without asking about her protection. Obviously she had none, and would be leaving the casting couch with a lot more than just a job opportunity.

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