Just to prove that I am still working on it ;)

To all the people who have been patiently waiting for "Lara's Swim" you'll be glad to finally get an update on the set.

I am of course still working on it and I do hope to finish it in the not too distant future. Although I don't want to make any promises on whether this will be the next set or Phoebe's one. Essentially my main focus at the moment is on "Emily's Negotiation" and other large story projects. Regardless of what happens though I promise to definitely finish all of these sets that I have started. Now for an image:

I'll probably be posting some more pictures in the next week or so. Maybe some wip images to gauge peoples opinions and help me improve the final result of the set. Either way, I will always keep my "Current Projects" section up to date with all my announced sets so if it's up there I'm working on it :)

~ Jimjim

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