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Lelu Love

      A slightly new format for the Lelu Love videos this time. Due to a change in technical uploads on her site, I no longer can be lazy and simply take out a one-minute clip pre-made on there. Instead, my luck viewers get some hand-crafted previews from yours truly that capture the feel of the movies much better than the short clips I’ve made before. Check them out!

Fucking While Phoning Cuckold Husband
      Lelu sets up a little rendezvous with her lover, and decides to make a little movie for her cuckold of a husband. Staying on the phone with him throughout, she sucks her bull to hardness and lets him fuck her bareback, and there’s no pulling out.

POV BJ Riding Creampie Drip
      You better lay back and enjoy, because Lelu is taking control. Not letting you move or do anything without her permission, she is looking forward to using your bare cock as her personal fucktoy. She owns it now, and she’s going to be putting it to good use…

You Will Never Fuck Me Like This
      Sorry, but Lelu only fucks studs, not losers like you. No condoms either for this cumwhore as Lelu makes him put his still-cumming cock back inside her. Enjoy beating off your meat as you watch Lelu getting pounded in such naughty ways by her man. “Cause baby, I’m way out of your price range…”

      Ahh, a very lively month indeed for Illustrated Interracial. As I mentioned last time, there has been a shift in development as Fobbs has put his long-in-development works of Manza, Flag Girls, and Emptiness on temporary hold as he takes up a few shorter works. The potential for more unique works being put out in quick succession is tantalizing indeed!

      On top of that, the forums have absolutely exploded into a strange flame war. After a huge influx of members arose on the forums all originating from a college town in Michigan, all with extremely similar ideologies and locations on the campus, suspicions arose about the validity of these accounts. Happy coincidence, or sockpuppet conspiracy?

      I will hold my personal suspicions close to my chest, but I can report that a veritable lynch mob immediately formed to attack the accuser with inane and ridiculous claims of attacking the artist and even personally threatening the author of two of Fobb’s new comics. No evidence was provided upon my request, and some accounts were abandoned in a hail of ‘witch trial’ madness. Now the forums have simmered down to the newfound levels of enthusiastic discussions and some obvious pandering amongst the new users while many veteran users grow more suspicious by the day…

      Fun stuff indeed.

      Anyway, I’ll be covering each of the new comics in more detail in their separate updates, and first we will begin with my favorite so far, Lust for the Librarian.

Lust for the Librarian

      Based off of two stories, Black Demon’s Lust for the Librarian and Running the Librarian Lust Train by QuantumFerocity, Lust for the Librarian takes place in a school building far into the night. A gang of black delinquents have snuck in and are using the place as their personal clubhouse as the sound of footsteps draws their attention. A lone young librarian locks up the last of the doors and heads for the exit, but cannot escape the clutches of the horny gang. They waste no time in playing with their sexy white prey, and no doubt their fertile reputation will land this poor educator in deep trouble…

      A fairly heavy non-consent story much akin to the other two current tales, Lust for the Librarian already has some wonderfully drawn scenes and a delightfully camp cast of characters. The gang members each have ridiculous names like Stork (because he always knocks up his bitches) and Nuts, yet their manipulation of the poor librarian is quite hot to see.

      How Fobbs will incorporate the two stories together has yet to be seen, but I certainly hope that there will be a greater emphasis on those bare black cocks fucking into the unprotected white womb of that librarian. To see her back in school at the end with a swelling belly would put this story near the top of my favorite lists at Illustrated Interracial, and I can’t wait to see how it progresses.

      For those of you interested in Black Demon’s original piece, you can find the story for free here: http://www.asstr.org/~Kristen/30/lust.txt

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