The Locker Room

Ok, It's finally done! Again, sorry for the wait on this one, It might not have been the most heavily anticipated of my sets considering most expect monsters and aliens. But you've got to mix things up every now and then ;). What started out as a short 20 image set to keep people happy while waiting for bigger sets turned into a regular 52 image set :P. I guess it just goes to show that I really can't control myself sometimes but maybe that's a good thing? Who knows...

The set itself was rendered in 3Dleight this time which is my older render engine. But I've improved in experience so the quality is still pretty good In my opinion. I started this set before I got a good quality penis prop for human males so Craig's penis in this set is a little lower in quality than my current set-up but I decided not to randomly swap his penis half way through the set so what can you do? You can see what It currently looks like under "The Men" tab or and the "Black and White" mini set I started posting a while ago with Craig, Derek and Sally. Anyway I hope you enjoy this set!

Jen waits inside the men's locker room hoping for some muscular meat to play with. She gets just what she wanted when Craig shows up with his monstrous sized cock. Featuring Jen and Craig in 52 images.

Download 23.54 MB
View Online: Here

 Hope you enjoy, and if you have any feedback make sure to leave a comment as I'd be glad to hear it.

~ Jimjim

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