Et Dieu créa la femme ...

Don't know the english name (if there is) of this french movie whith the famous beauty Brigitte Bardot. Why this title you'll ask ? 
Friday tonight i was looking for an Asian style girl (the one who will make me do tons & tons pictures with her, or not ^^). After some tweaking morph/textures i've found this beauty.
What she has more ? For the 1st time, i think, i have the most realistic head shape of my whole models.
I'm pretty satisfy of her, what do you think ?

Some words on some previous comments i've seen:
Stop busying me about the shape of my girls (!!!) especially on their wheight! Skinny, Anorexic, ... I DON'T CARE.
Still, my girls are not ANOREXIC, search on google how an anorexic girl looks you will see easily the difference ... In any case i promotes the anorexia! Thin shapes yes !!! 
That's my tastes, i just find a thin girl looks a lot better for "fashion", erotic, etc pictures.

For example of Elfy, NOTHING will be change currently, i could eventually make some change on few parts of her but her overall shape will stay like this!

I just notice that's amazing to see my most favorite girl (Elfy) is "thinnest" than Spencer, Evelyn or Lyari but if i refer to the last poll Spencer was the 2nd fav after Elfy, her shape is probably closer of common women.

Before i forget here's the high rez version of the latest Elfy's set

Btw, enjoy ^^.

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