Just to be Sure ...

1) Elf Duchess Mati has just returned home from her afternoon horse ride ... and boy, is she, err ... well, you know! Her Mother-in-Law, The Most-Honorable Dowager Mother, had instructed her this morning that today is the first day of her peak fertility, which means that for four days, Duchess Mati must come to this secret room in her Mother-in-Law's quarters at 3PM each day. Would her husband, the Duke come as well? Of course not - The Most-Honorable Dowager Mother would have already lied to her son, telling him that his wife's peak fertility would begin in five days, and that if he really wanted the first child to be a boy, that he must abstain from releasing his seed for four days. The Duke believed his mother, for such wisdom was clearly is a secret woman-thing!

2) Now this might confuse you, dear readers. Why keep the husband away from his wife when she is best able to get pregnant? Well, first understand that Mati is the Duke's third wife in 8 years. The first Duchess had been selected by the Duke's late father, a selection which the mother despised, knowing the beautiful woman was too scheming. Since the first wife had not produced any child in five years of marriage, the Duke decided that the woman must be barren & unable to bear children, for the Duke was certainly manly and virile!

3) Yet in truth, The Most-Honorable Dowager Mother had discovered that the first wife was taking an herbal contraceptive ... part of political intrigue, an attempt to move the title of Duke to the eldest son of the old Duke's younger brother. In fact, there was even a developing plot to poison her son, the rightful Duke. Speed up the power shift! No son, and no Duke! So when the Duke asked his mother if she thought it appropriate to dispose of his first wife cleanly, allowing him to take a second wife, The Most-Honorable Dowager Mother agreed and instructed her son how to poison the scheming wretched girl.

4) Sadly, the second Duchess also produced no child in 2 years, so the Most-Honorable Dowager Mother had begun to suspect the problem was her son, not the wives. Yet before she could arrange for her own intrigue, the Duke decided that the second Duchess must also be trying to leave him childless, to steal his throne ... he poisoned the second wife without his mother's knowledge.

5) Sigh, thus dear little Mati Elf got the job, becoming the third Duchess of the mighty house - third time's a charm, right? So quickly, before her block-head son could kill off another mother-approved wife, The Most-Honorable Dowager Mother took control of the child-producing situation. She employed several experts in female fertility, becoming the scheduler of her son's sex life. He was free to fuck his cute young wife as often as he liked ... just not on the four days before her peak period of fertility. After all, even the Duke was eager for his first child to be a boy!

6) Yet you, dear reader, have already heard of the deception. The Most-Honorable Dowager Mother borrowed a confidential steward from one of her friends - a man who had already fathered five child, all of them male. Most importantly, the steward had the same build, coloring, and general appearance of her son the Duke! If he fathered a child by Duchess Mati, it would likely be a boy who resembled the Duke! As close to a perfect solution as the mother could think of.

7) Yet this scheme had its price! The Most-Honorable Dowager Mother was determined that her Daughter-In-Law not enjoy the four days of sex granted her solely to product a male heir. So the steward was first required to bind Duchess Mati ...

8) ... and give her a solid whipping with her own riding crop! Of course, Mati was an obedient Daughter-In-Law, submitting to the butt-thrashing, and who could blame The Most-Honorable Dowager Mother for not understanding that the whipping suited Mati just fine, making her unnaturally hot, wet, and ready for some solid pussy slamming!

9) Yet pity the poor steward! He was surrounded by demanding women! Not only did he have to follow the instructions of the Mother-In-Law if he wished to keep his head, but Duchess Mati demanded that the poor underling give her at least three orgasms each day, if he didn't want her telling lies about him to the The Most-Honorable Dowager Mother. The steward did his best, and Duchess Mati considered the multiple orgasms payback for a husband who never bothered to even give her one!

But alas! Will intrigue never end! Duchess Mati has failed to mention to her Mother-In-law that she is several months late! Likely she is already with child, but still, it never hurts to suffer as many great orgasms as she can ... JUST TO BE SURE!

Credits [PP14 + GIMP][Aiko4 mix][Happily Ever After Dress][Urban Fae under-dress and Pantaloons][Boudoir Secrets Corset Panty and stockings][Duchess Hair][LF Ballet heels & heavy cuffs][Erogenesis for V4][Victorian Bedroom][Mapps dynamic quilt][Richabri Bondage Horse][Henrika Spanking Fun]

One last image - since I rendered it. A close up of Mat's tight vagina - courtesy of vendor Erogenesis and his V4 genitals for Poser.

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