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      A scrap of news from WarmKiss, since it has been a few months since I last reported on the prodigal site. While there was still no uploads of new sexy videos, we do finally have the promised Site News Video Update that I have been pushing for over the past year. Unfortunately it was not for the public at large, but I’ve collected it for my viewer’s pleasure here.
      Essentially, WarmKiss moved to a new location, had a myriad of mishaps ranging from flaky actors to dangerous encounters to even deaths in the potential cast, all of which plus more has delayed operations entirely. Now they apparently have finally, at long last, got their shit together and are ready to reopen Willy Wonka’s factory, so to speak.

      Ryan, the public head of WarmKiss who is featured in the clip, says he and his team have been working hard and will be providing videos the likes of which have never been seen online before - A familiar line as all who have been following his work know, and one that we remaining fans hope to see made true in the very near future. When that happens, I will happily let my viewers know.

      There is a new feature on Lelu Love’s site for members that is extremely exciting. There is now a little Login Heart that you are awarded for logging onto her site once a day, and the reward for collecting hearts is free content – including free movies of your choice!

      Only the most patient and diligent of us will get such an opportunity as it takes 180 hearts to obtain a 15-minute movie, but for 90 hearts you can commission a 5 minute movie on any subject you please. That’s just three months of being a member and enjoying her massive and growing library of works. I think it is an excellent idea and one that I am certain to make use of. Impregnation movies and pregnant bellies here I come!

      This time I am condensing Lelu’s month of film samples into one movie for your viewing pleasure.

      So, as the recent months have moved along, anyone who might have been browsing the forum at Illustrated Interracial may have noticed the kerfuffle occurring there right now. A slew of new accounts suddenly appeared in late August or so, and immediately began campaigning for particular stories to be made into comics. Fobbs found two of their stories interesting enough to begin publishing, but concerns were raised about the validity of many of these accounts soon thereafter by concerned members.

      While the forums have been lively, more lively than usual by far, it unfortunately has been due to apparent false accounts. Without the proper moderator tools to follow these accounts, I have been collecting evidence over the past few months, watching accounts and seeing what suspicious activities have been occurring. Essentially it appears to be true – a vast majority of these new accounts are simply offshoots of the same user or small localized band of users. After giving countless generous offers to prove to me they are real, offers which these accounts universally scorned and rejected, I will be conducting a grand clean-up mission in the month of December. Hopefully the Christmas present I’ll give to that site will be a clean and orderly forum where no one is unfairly weighing down the creative inspirations and enjoyment of the valid users with a falsely-created ‘majority’.

      In any case, production continues unhindered, and Fobbs has elected to take on an unofficial posting pattern of two panels every Monday and Friday – a great posting pattern if I do say so myself! And for this update I am covering one of the new comics, Schoolgirl Sara.

Schoolgirl Sara

      Sara is an innocent and beautiful girl, described as the loveliest angel. A pretty brunette with a lovely singing voice, she aspires to be a singer once she finished up with high school. But those dreams will lead her astray. Unfortunately, Sara’s beauty and innocence attracts the attention of her corrupt black principal, who sets her up with an opportunity dressed up to seem like a music deal.

      In reality, Sara signs a binding contract that surrenders her body and mind to the oppressive and violent Breaker, a huge black man who lives up to his name by breaking white girls into black cock sluts. The poor Sara wanders into his secluded home like a lamb to slaughter, and from that point onwards becomes the property of Breaker and his every dark lust.

      Schoolgirl Sara is the product of the user MirandaMorgan, who oddly enough is a seemingly valid user who apparently attracted the attention of the false account maker – Schoolgirl Sara is one of the few stories on Illustrated Interracial they/he enjoys. I will say that the artwork meets the standard of Fobbs’ other works, and that is to say it has some great moments in it and is visually rather stimulated for those who like interracial couplings.

      Personally, I am not much of a fan of it. I am no prudish pervert though. Non-consent stories such as this one can be great to read and many will enjoy it, but I find the destruction of innocence such as is portrayed in Schoolgirl Sara unpleasant. There is a great deal of cruel physical violence and enough tears to fill a bathtub from Sara, and I guess that strikes a bad cord for me. It is hard non-consent, and to its benefit there is some great impregnation stuff in the latter parts, so we’ll see how it progresses. Certainly some will enjoy it, and I will look forward to seeing how it turns out. 

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