Blogger Re-Amends Adult Content Policy

      The Blogger Team has amended its proposed Adult Content Policy change in the light of a deluge of concerned users and webmasters. You can read the amended language and focus here: Update about Adult Content Policy

      In essence, they are retracting their heavy-handed change and instead opting to enforce their existing policies. Rather than banning adult artwork and video as they originally wanted, they are going to more vigorously enforce the adult interstial requirement and existing requirements. Turns out they did take our concerns seriously and chose to protect the free expression of individuals in the end.

      Their march against commercial pornography continues, which I thinkmeans their crackdown on spam-blogs that break the current rules by trying to sneak their porn into non-adult settings. I certainly hope so, as the current rules protect the many artists, writers, and collectors of erotica that use Blogger as their major web platform.

      Thank you to everyone who took an interest in this and voiced your concerns, and thank you to the Blogger Team for taking account of our collective feedback and wishes. Now back to our regularly scheduled erotica.

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