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      Incest that has an element of risky sex involved is usually only relegated to literary works and the inner-workings of kinky minds like mine. So finding an amateur production with an apparent brother-sister combination with not only some tantalizing interview action at the front but hot bareback fucking until the virile creampie finish inside his sibling’s horny pussy is a nice find indeed!

      Here’s a short solo video of a girl teasing us with her pretty little belly. Not pregnant or about to get pregnant, but I have something of a midsection fetish. Those who know me understand that while some guys are breast lovers or ass lovers, I am a midsection lover. This film of her gently stroking and oiling up and undulating her belly just gets me going a lot… mmm… Some of you might enjoy it too!

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      There was a series I worked on with a friend of mine called The Colony, involving a world where fertility rates declined and male Breeders were tasked with breeding women in a facility designed for human reproduction. This shower scene captures the essence of just such a meeting between female and Breeder, with raw animalistic passion. No creampie unfortunately, but it is easy to imagine what damage that load would do to that petite girl should it have even grazed her little pussy…

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      DaneJones has some really high-quality videos available, and this older work is just a sample of some great sensual action. Unlike a lot of the gonzo lower-budget and frankly tacky porn you find all over the place, they go for an erotica that is more classy than the average hardcore but more engaging than the generic softcore. This sample is all about slower, smoldering sex culminating in her fertile pussy getting filled, and we can’t go wrong with that here at Impregnation Erotica.

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