PLEASE READ - Blogger Censoring Adult Blogs

      Apologies for interrupting my normal posting, but I just received a notice of policy change from Blogger that affects every adult-blog on its service. Effective March 23th, all blogs that include adult-oriented pictures or videos will be involuntarily set to ‘Private Access’ – effectively those blogs will disappear from the public. Including, or course, Impregnation Erotica.

      I have written to the Blogger Team protesting this decision, and if the loss of all Blogger-based erotica sites concerns you too, please spread this message and blow up the thread I started here:!category-topic/blogger/feature-suggestions--feedback/uploading-pictures-and-videos/windows/firefox/5Pe-IWJTBeI

      If you enjoy freedom of speech and any blog-based erotic content on any service (Tumblr, Wordpress, etc), please raise your voice. What one site does the others are often soon to follow, and we cannot let them destroy the efforts of honest adult webmasters we all enjoy with unwarranted censorship.

Update: A moderator is shuffling around responses in the discussions, strange behavior that makes the first link appear to be myself ranting to myself. It may be useful to create your own thread raising your concerns with Blogger.

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