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      After waiting a week trying to resist her new urges, Michelle gives in and calls the street thug, DeShawn. This time however, their sexy rendezvous will not be in her plush manor, but in his part of the ghetto. Has this arrogant housewife finally met a man she cannot control? And what new revelations and risks will the vengeful woman take on to satisfy her dark desires?

      A Wife’s Dark Revenge | Chapter Two is the second chapter in an erotic series between a spoiled white woman and her ghetto-bred black lover. Michelle’s affair continues with more interracial debauchery and their fertile consequences. Those who enjoyed the first chapter in this series will enjoy the continuation of Michelle’s naughty cheating and the evolution of her plans for revenge against her husband.

      Right now I am juggling a few projects at once, and as any multitasking goes, it tends to slow down production. My post this Wednesday of a small recent roleplay-writing hopefully made up for some of the delays and whet the appetites of my viewers a bit, as I think many will enjoy my current offer on this series.

      I’ve had fun writing on this series, and I have plans to take it fully to completion already brewing in my mind and on paper. But since I am publishing the second chapter in a series, I absolutely have to make sure my viewers can actually consider buying into the naughty tale to begin with! I don’t know of many who will pick up a new series partway through.

      So from today until the end of the weekend, the first chapter in my A Wife’s Dark Revenge series will be free on Smashwords. Yes that’s right, free to pick up and enjoy for everyone, for a limited time. That’s a second bit of making-up for my readers who have been patiently waiting for my other works like Ashley’s Dark Awakening and personal captions. By the way, those who like my Ashley series will greatly enjoy this black breeding tale as well.

      And for a third piece of interest, I have also published a micro-story called A Gym Affair. Written in the second-person (meaning ‘you’ are being spoken to), it is about a man sneaking into his mistress’s room and reminiscing about their naughty, unprotected affair and discovering what fertile consequences came from that. It is meant namely for a female audience, but can be for anyone if you can get over the second-person perspective. This one will also be free on Smashwords, though Amazon doesn’t have a free option yet so it is priced at $1 there.

      Now with my conscience cleared a bit and my readers hopefully rushing off to pick up these books, I’ll get back to working on my juggled projects.  Enjoy the weekend!

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