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      I am fairly certain that the producer of this Black Dahlia series was only taken with the ‘Black’ in the name and ‘Dahlia’ is a pretty flower, thus perfect for interracial gangbangs right? In any case, this is one of the films created by Heather’s Gangbang Girls and produced by Legal Tender Productions.

      The premise is that young white women go to motel-room gangbangs with black men, and then get fucked and inseminated and even impregnated in nasty, interracial breeding action. While there is over and hour and a half of action here and numerous messy creampies and snippets of good ‘black breeding’ dialogue, the overall product is marred by crappy camera/sound quality and an absolutely stupid-sounding cameraman who can’t shut up. Still there’s a lot to see here, and minus the negatives it is an interesting gangbang series.

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      While this film is bareback with no visible creampie, I enjoyed it for exactly what the title suggests – this girl makes quite a few cute little sounds while getting plowed by her guy friend. Amateur work indeed, there is a nice angle on the action the whole way through. If only he came inside her belly rather than on it…

      Here’s some more casting couch action, once more with a naïve woman looking to get rich quick by fucking unprotected. Just like the others in the series, the casting agent feeds her a bunch of bullshit about getting tons of money and needing to ‘prove her skills’. She is pretty cute once she gets naked, and I love how her dark hair does the whole ‘curtain’ effect over her breasts. Anyway, he busts off inside her and she has such a sexy reaction when he asks her what birth control she had – which was none.

      Violet Blue, aka Noname Jane, is such a hot actress that has one of the best examples of how the porn industry can display impregnation fantasy in her pregnant follow-up to her superb acting in Inseminated by Two Black Men 1 (the only good one in my opinion). This is an unrelated film where she is masturbating with her hugely pregnant belly on full display, and is very hot nevertheless!

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