Lelu Love | Pregnancy Progression Movie

      A very welcome update come to my inbox this evening – Lelu Love emailed me the finished product for Impregnation Erotica’s commissioned short movie!

      While non-consent had to be off the table due to prudish funding options (curse PayPal and so forth for arbitrarily disliking certain fantasies), Pregnancy Progression was very much available to be explored. Lelu does a fine job taking us through a softcore progress from a night of naughty fun to a full and completely knocked-up belly.

      Best yet, I have permission to share this full unedited movie with all the rest of you. Thank you all for participating in the voting, and next time I promise to come up with more options and stick to ones that will actually be permissible by our funding overlords. Enjoy this morsel in the meantime, and check out Lelu Love’s site to check out more of her naughty work.

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