Сoncerning the forbidden and TOS violating art.

I planning to make my own private gallery like this one: http://x3z.gamesource.ru/

With account system, there will be two accounts types, regular, and Patreon only.

Also i thinking about taking comissions, but only with ready to render material, one frame(and povs) with pose for about 50$ with 2-3 characters. Just to make things more clear, my pipeline is very time consuming, as for example, i have spend 5 hours to only setup materials for Elven Desires : Dungeon Depth - Syndori's Dream Dungeon scene(characters, hairs, clothing, making textures for Lorelei that perfectly fits in my setups, this was the fastest part however), and this with already done dungeon scene. Also from two-four hours for making poses.

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