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      After a business trip, Greg comes home to find his wife Jeanne missing and a mysterious letter waiting for him instead. In it Jeanne explains why she has been giving him excuses over sex the past few months, and her accidental discovery of his greatest fetish: interracial hotwife breeding. Now Jeanne has set about becoming her husband’s perfect fantasy, and she has been very naughty indeed!

      The Letter is an original adaptation from the Illustrated Interracial comic of the same name. Jeanne’s naughty account contains elements of hotwife cuckolding, interracial affairs, unprotected sex, and impregnation. Written from the perspective of the naughty letter Jeanne leaves for her husband, readers that enjoy cuckolding black-on-white interracial affairs will absolutely adore reading The Letter.

      Much like A Wife’s Dark Revenge, this story was inspired by the short comic penned by Fobbs at Illustrated Interracial. The Letter comic was written a few years ago and is a fairly short addition to Fobb’s library, consisting of only 10 panels. But it has been one of my absolute favorites of his works for a long time for its unique storytelling, sexy visuals, and hot storyline.

      My adaptation in literary form is over 5,000 words long, and so is quite a bit more word-filled than the original comic. Getting into the mind of Jeanne, the reluctant but loyal wife discovering her husband’s true desires and becoming determined to fulfill them in every way, has been a delightful exercise in creative writing. Unlike the harsher interracial stories involving gangsters or thuggish types, I also enjoyed the more gentlemanly character of Jeanne’s dark lover.

      In the end it is a story about a loyal white wife fulfilling the dark fantasies of her husband, and coming to enjoy it far more than she ever expected. If you really enjoy the story, I would encourage you to check out Fobbs’ comic from which I drew inspiration for my work. It is an excellent gem in his prolific collection, and well worth a view.

       But I can’t just let my viewers off with just that – Amazon and Smashwords don’t allow me to put naughty blurbs in my descriptions, but I so enjoy sharing a bit of naughtiness for my viewers here! Enjoy this small excerpt from The Letter:

      I must admit honey that when I started I didn’t think I would get so involved, but… those little moans you heard coming from the bath these past few weeks? They weren’t because of the too-hot water, honey. I was touching myself, thinking about Derek’s touch, his dark ebony skin, and his strong arms wrapping around me... I even came thinking about him taking my white body like what happened in your stories.

      Are you wondering why I’m telling you all this right now? I bet you are. Just last week my doctor informed me that my hormone levels were back to normal, and that this weekend would be the best time for me to conceive. My heart was beating so hard the entire ride home, thinking how fast the time had gone. I knew you had your big business trip planned until the weekend, and that meant it was the perfect opportunity. I knew Derek would be more than willing to do his part once I gave him the chance.

      So can you guess what I have been doing for the last three days while you have been at work? That’s right honey. Just like in your favorite magazines, DVD’s, and stories, your little ovulating wife has been very naughty…

      I called in sick for work right after I kissed you goodbye on Wednesday morning. My second call was to tell my soon-to-be black lover our home address, but that he should park a few blocks down. I told him I was very confused and bothered by a certain issue and needed his help sorting it out if he could spare the time. My voice quavered and I almost whispered into the receiver – I actually shook at the thought of what I was about to do.

      You wouldn’t believe how well the ‘Damsel in Distress’ worked, honey. He called in someone to take over his shift and within half an hour he was knocking at our door. It didn’t take him long to ask what was wrong either.

      I told him that you and I were not making love anymore. Not that we were in trouble or anything, but that I had discovered something new that I was deeply curious about. Something only he could help me with. And that was when I showed him a couple of your stories.

      I picked them from your favorites and made sure they were the right subject matter. Both were fairly short, involving a lonely white housewife and a big strong black man coming to comfort her in her time of need. Both had bawdy descriptions of their seduction and passionate sex, and both ended with the housewife pregnant from her black lover.

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