Sponsored Sites Update | February 2015

      Oh I haven’t forgotten about my monthly Sponsored Sites Update, but I have been a bit preoccupied as of late. Amending that now however, here is the Update for February, 2015.

      All’s well on the Lelu front. Still making a plethora of delightful movies, she has also taken to making a new commentary film each week where she discussed the films of the week, her thoughts and experiences while making them, and otherwise showing us all the delightful character that Lelu Love herself is. Personally I have always enjoyed the candid interviews with sexy erotica actresses – knowing that the sexy girl taking a load and moaning out has a wonderful mind and personality just makes it all the better to experience her work!

      Along with that too, my Heart token collection has just reached 140, meaning that in ten days I will have reached the required amount to commission a 5-minute video! And along those lines, I need to get some ideas together and see what my viewers here would like to see. If you have an idea you would love to see Lelu make, send me them in the comments and I will add them to a new poll. In the meantime, check out these samples from her February work:

      Aside from a slight delay in posting due to a minor malfunction, Fobbs at Illustrated Interracial has been producing his works well over the second month of the year. An exciting update to Manza covering a few panels was a welcome sight to my eyes, as personally my lack of interest in the brutal rape-y storylines of Farm Girl and School Girl Sara prevents me from checking them out whenever they are updated. Nothing to worry about though – I will give them a proper review once they are completed.

      There was a small panel addition to No Words and the continuation as per the storyline in Lust of the Librarian as well. Right now my only grand concern is what timelines each of these comics have. I can tell that Fobbs is raring to go on his past projects put on such a long hold, and so I hope that the current skew of stories will wrap themselves up nicely soon to give him more time to focus.

      Since there are yet to be any completed comics in February, I thought it would be interesting to detail out my interest in Interracial Breeding in particular. As most can tell with my posts on Impregnation Erotica, I have an interest in all sorts of impregnation and risky-sex scenarios. Perhaps it is due to the flexibility of impregnation as a concept to fit into just about any sort of sexual encounter or the dread-excitement of risking everything for this moment of carnal bliss, but the topic overall has captivated me for most of my life now.

      Interracial impregnation holds a special place in my interests too. I must admit that most of the time when I look for stories and videos on my favorite paraphilia, it usually involves a look at ‘black breeding’ and the like. Oh I certainly have caught a fair amount of shit for that over the years and not everyone is a fan of the general storylines, but I enjoy them for some particular reasons.

      First, I have hardly found stories in other genres that have had such a high degree of focus on the very act of impregnation as they do in ‘black breeding’ interracial stories. The next best genre tends to be Incest, given its own naughty taboo subject of ‘inbreeding’, but even they often fall short of what really presses my buttons.

      A great black breeding story tends to have a white woman falling for black men, getting absolutely fucked and converted to a total slut for African cock and sperm. There is raw, primal action from often-times ‘Alpha’ or powerful men dominating over women – a feral sense of dominance/submission that greatly appeals to my love of impregnation . There is an element of denying cultural, social, even familial expectations and obligations for want of pleasure, a sort of subversion to the conscious, careful, thoughtful lives we ordinary people normally lead. There is the sense of taboo with a white-black union, the contrast and ‘exotic’ or unexpected pairing adding fuel to the excitement of their naughty act.

      And most of all there is a huge emphasis on impregnation. So often you hear even in the low-key stories about the women wanting to take the risk, craving to stain their pale bloodlines with ebony genes, desiring to bear a dark-skinned bastard in their lily-white bellies. When other genres include impregnation it is generally as an afterthought – oh we fucked unprotected, so I guess that is how you got pregnant. But with ‘blackbred’ stories, it is right up front and center in the hottest parts of the action, and very often leads to the payoff of a swelling belly and a satisfied, changed woman.

      For me it is less about the racial combination of white woman and black man and more about the interesting contrast between them making for an interesting breeding scenario. I wrote a story (yet to be finished/published) about a guy tasked with ‘white breeding’, and ends up inseminating and impregnating a racist black woman with his Caucasian seed. I enjoy stories in much the same way about demons, beasts, or monsters breeding women with their terrible broods so unlike the women they gestate in.

      So long as there is hyper-emphasis on the act, the risk, the pleasure, the terror, the lust of unprotected fucking and its consequences, I love it. It just so happens that right now, the stories that fall under the ‘black breeding’ sub-genre just hit all those delightful buttons for me more often than not.

      When I write my stories I try to include all the things that I enjoy most and which I so often miss in the stories I read - making that brother-sister incest story with the thrill of risky inbreeding in their parent’s bed, or the rough gangsters shaking down and converting an innocent fertile housewife into a mob-inseminated slut, or the frail elf getting captured and impregnated with an evil lizard’s reptilian clutch.

      While it isn’t for everyone and not something a grand majority will enjoy, it is perhaps an interest that now a connoisseur of impregnation topics might be able to appreciate. For as simple and brusque as many of the blackbred stories are, some can really hit the right notes well. And that is a major reason why I suppose Illustrated Interracial and the works of Fobbs, because I believe that everyone who enjoys impregnation here can acknowledge the appeal of that work. I know I certainly do!

      Here’s a new site that I’ve had the great pleasure of learning about. I will cover it in more depth in an upcoming Sites to Check Out thread, but in short it is created by another 3D artist who greatly enjoys impregnation topics. Focusing largely on science-fiction and fantasy, BattleStrength had made a great variety of comics both long and short over his near-decade of production thus far.

      The artist recently contacted me and gave me access to his work, so I thought I would share some. He has a Deviant Art Page as well as his Main Site for those interested in looking at more. Enjoy!

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