A little treat for Sydney fans! And some other news too! UPDATED [3/MAY/2015]


UPDATE: [3/MAY/2015]

 The Giant places the Imp back on the ground and gravity does the rest!

Once again laughing, Sydney realizes her mistake. It doesn't matter how big the Imp can make his dick if his body is too weak to move with it. She wants to be picked up and impaled by a strong, virile monster much bigger than herself. If she chose the imp with a dick that big she'd have to do all the work herself and that wouldn't be as much fun would it?

Only 12 hours left to vote! It's time to wrap this thing up. Last chance to have your say! I'll be ending the voting event with a special little something in a new blog post. SPOILERS (It may require another poll and some cock magic).

Stay tuned... 


UPDATE: [2/MAY/2015]

Sydney is still having trouble deciding. Each contender has his own, big merits. Wait, what's this? It seems the Giant has something to say about the Imp's little Magic trick.

The giant doesn't need words to get his message across to Sydney. Even with the enhancement magic, the Imp's cock still doesn't come close to stacking up with his own giant, erect member! Not to mention how effortlessly he picked the creature off the floor. How could she even consider such a weak and puny being? Especially when she had the option to indulge herself with the largest monster out there. Despite the lack of verbal communication, Sydney completely understands the Giant just from the way he positions the Helpless Imp next to his massive shaft. She begins to giggle at how small the imps cock still looks in comparison to the giant. It's hard for Sydney to take the Imp seriously with him dangling from the Giants grasp.

Getting another look at the Giant's cock has reminded Sydney of what she truly desires. She laughs at the fact that she was almost considering to pass up her perfect shot at a rematch with the giant for a bit of penis magic from some small, weak Imp. But the Imp's got one last trick up his sleeve to tempt Sydney.

In a final effort to appease the blonde's unhealthy appetite for giant cocks, the Imp enhances his dick so far that it's finally on par with the Giant's. Sydney is surprised, this has her attention. The giant is less than pleased. It seems they've both underestimated the Imp once again.

Sydney is filled with curiosity, how does this magic work? Is her imagination really the only limit in how large the imp can enhance his cock. Maybe it's worth taking on the Imp after all?

The Giant, not really sure what's come over Sydney, can see that she's hesitating once again. Giants don't have magic, and aren't particularly intelligent but it seems that Sydney's lust for the largest cock has clouded her judgement. As a practical being, the Giant knows just how to prove to Sydney that she would never be satisfied with a creature like that...

UPDATE: [29/APR/2015]

After the last update it seems that many of you agree with Sydney that bigger is better, so usually someone like Sydney wouldn't pay any notice to a monster smaller than her such as the Imp. But Sydney should know better than to underestimate a monster especially magical monsters like Imps. The Imp wouldn't have stood a chance of Impressing Sydney with his original body so in order to keep up with his competition he's used some of his magic to beef up his body and enhance his cock to a size worthy of Sydney's admiration. 

 As you can see Sydney (minus her skirt) is surprised yet very pleased to learn that Imp's possess such magic. The force of his erection seems to have burst open Sydney's vest! Not only has it opened up her vest, but a whole world of opportunities for her to explore with magical monsters such as the Imp.

 The Imp is pleased that he's finally getting some attention from Sydney and decides to show off by enhancing his cock further, adding to Sydney's surprise and desire. Now that she knows the only limit to this magic is her imagination the Imp is once again a serious contender!

This horny, voluptuous, blonde is very privileged to be lusted after by so many well endowed monsters, but who will be the victor? It's up to you to help Sydney decide! So make sure you vote, and let everyone know! Also make your opinions heard in the comments bellow! Why should Sydney listen to you?

 UPDATE: [28/APR/2015]

As of this update we are tied for Plurrox and Giant. There's still a while left to vote so make sure you do! This time we got comparison shots of Sydney next to the Giant in both flaccid and erect flavors. I removed Sydney high heeled boots to make it a full height comparison as well. Also in the erect image I also removed Sydney's skirt and tie once again, this time I also removed the collar from her vest to reveal the leather one that Sydney always wears underneath.

Do you think it's big enough for her? Sydney's definitely up for the challenge! After all the Giant's not the only one with upgrades, the updated Sydney model has larger breasts and ass than ever before which should prove to be a more than fair "rematch". What do you think? Are these two well endowed individuals evenly balanced?

Let's not forget about the imp! While Sydney likes them big, she's yet to realize just how big an imp can be! Comparisons coming soon for a well endowed Imp eager to prove his worth to Sydney! Just how big can a small guy be though?

UPDATE: [27/APR/2015]

New update for you, looks like the Plurrox is in the lead for now. for those who were wanting a closer look at the Plurrox in comparison to Sydney take a look at the two images bellow. The first one is a flaccid Plurrox with a curious Sydney. The second is the same but with the Plurrox in his erect state. I also removed Sydney's skirt and tie here for those who want a better view. let me know your thoughts in the comments. I might do a comparison with the Giant erect next if that's what people want. Though I may not have time, we will see.

UPDATE: [26/APR/2015]

Seems like so far the Imp, Giant and Plurrox are major contenders. While I feel like we've already explored Sydney with the giant, I won't rule it out since both the Sydney and Giant model have been upgraded since their last appearance. I'm also equally excited to try the other suggestions. Since I'm a bit busy today I'll leave suggestions open for another day or so. In fact I will create a poll to the right hand side of the screen where It will be easier to track which is the fan favorite option.

In the meantime enjoy 2 images I made yesterday. One is a new shot trying out a different angle of the room with the imp:

The other is the same image as before but with the Giant inserted next to Sydney to show size comparison. The Giant is much bigger than he was the last time he met Sydney.

I might do something similar for the Plurrox or any other comparison you'd like to see if I get the time. It's also possible to do say, the imp with a massive cock or something like that


Again, another month (almost) of being buys irl. It sucks but that's just how it's been lately. However It looks like after just another month or so I'll be back to normal for a bit so that should be interesting. At the moment though I've regained enough time to do a couple of renders a week so I thought that since I'm not going to be able to pull off a massive set with this time I might try and do something short for people who have been patiently waiting.

I posted this almost a year ago. It was just a little scene that I'd found and it looked pretty nice. Although I knew I was never going to make a large set in the area I did think about doing something small with Sydney in it.

So now jump forward to now and I've found the scene in my folders and reopened it and replaced the old Sydney model with my newer one and adjusted her vest to fit her more "realistically". Anyway I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to give something back to those who have been waiting and are fans of Sydney!

I will be doing a mini set (5-10 images) in this location, with Sydney and that outfit. The question is who will get a chance to "play" with her? I will let you decide! Just post a comment requesting who should be the lucky guy(s)/monster(s)/alien(s) to have some fun! I will accept comment's for about a day before picking my favorite (or most requested) idea. Pretty much anything goes, but keep in mind that It should be from selected from my list of models already made. You're welcome to suggest ideas for other models but I probably won't have time to make them.

Speaking of new models though, recently I did create a new Alien race the "Plurrox". Here's a shot of him:

 Maybe if people want him then he will be the lucky one.

In other news, I'll be continuing work on "Emily's Negotiation" soon as well as working on the announcement for "Our Intergalactic Lovers" once I get more time in about a month. stay tuned and make sure to post a comment with who you want to get their hands on Sydney for the special mini set!

 ~ Jimjim

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