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      With a candid interview to open this sexy fuckfest with such a cutie as Gia Steel, I enjoy this one for the fact that the action is quite hot throughout. Unfortunately there is a pullout at the end when Gia deserves a nice big load shot up inside her. Consider it breeding sex without the breeding potential.

      One of those high-production value films, Teenage Coming of Age opens with romantic tinkly music that soon is surpassed with the sounds of sucking, fucking, and internal creaming. An interesting topic – how many ‘coming of age’ moments for teens turns into their first breeding sessions?

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      Stepdaughters can be a handful sometimes. When stepdad decides to go along with his new wife’s plan to have another baby, the late-teen daughter has something to say. Her mother doesn’t deserve to have another baby, but she would be more than willing to have a baby from ‘daddy’. All POV and ending with insemination, it won’t be long until the bespectacled beauty has her daddy’s baby inside her.

      This one is truly a gem for anyone into the cuckolding genre – a professional production that actually seems to understand what little things get the idea of cuckold black breeding going. A married couple decides they want to try for a baby, but the husband can’t do it – so he arranges his black friend to knock up his pretty white wife. Great babymaking dialogue, awesome cuckold-moments like throwing away her wedding ring, and ending with a proper creampie – if you like impregnation fantasies at all, check it out!

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