The Long Hour

Trying out a new gal - Raysee for A4.
1) Prisoner ELF624 earned a reward for her hard work - her application to entertain the prison warden on his birthday was accepted. She worked hard on her skit - memorizing the required poem, motions, and dance for the classic old skit which the warden loved. The prison library had copies of old media, human operas which showed the act. Plus the library also held nearly two dozen records of similar performances given over the previous years. It was not that prisoner ELF624 liked the warden. Who could? It was something new and exciting, and after 4 years locked in this human prison for crimes she did not commit, who could blame her for wishing to do something new?
2) Yet when she was finished her assigned skit, the warden smiled, the said coldly "ELF624, now for Act 2 of this beloved skit. I command you to remove your top and pants. Leave the skirt and everything else on. Say nothing." Prisoner ELF624 was of course worried by this command, which violated prison rules. The skit instructions had NOT included any 'second act'. Still, there were many people in the audience. She wasn't shy, as elf prisoners were often stripped naked for medical reasons.
3) Then her concern deepened. Two burly guards came, and hung her up by her wrists. Would the warden throw soft balls are her? Or sharp darts? Prisoner ELF624 still said nothing, taking her commands serious.
4) Then two cameras were brought in, and an elderly female-nurse climbed onto the stage, whispering the same command - to not say anything as she rubbed ELF624's nipples with a cool gel, which made her nipples harden. The nurse then clamped ELF624's sensitive nipples painfully with two cables, as the others chained her legs out to the walls. Behind her, a curtain was removed; she dared not try to look behind her to see what was exposed. Then the nurse began rubbing the cold gel between ELF624's legs, pushing the gel liberally first into her pussy, then into her ass hole, whispering, "Make sure your moans are loud and honest, and your screams heartfelt - especially your first scream. Moan and scream well, and this ends in one hour."
5) Prisoner ELF624 barely had time to realize with horror that she was about to endure "The Long Hour", a mythical form of prison punishment. Little was know of it, as any girls who had survived were sworn to silence, or risk enduring "The Long Day". ELF624 had no trouble screaming, twisting in agony as an electrical probe was slipped smoothly into her gel-coated ass, painfully complete the electric circuit, starting a sharp burning spasm. But worse was the forked prong pressed against her swollen clit - not only was it sharp, but it pulsed, inflicting much stronger shocks.
6) Yet all was not horror. Like a sick tag team, the two bots alternated between pleasing and paining ELF624. The painful electric torture was alternated with clitoris stimulation and deep vibrating vaginal stretching. She orgasmed several times, not daring to count, but struggling to keep her moans and screams honest and loud.

7) Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, prisoner ELF624 was lowered, repositioned awkwardly. She saw the prison warden approach her with a calm smile. She noticed he wore no pants, plus had a huge hard-on. The warden said some nice things; unexpected things. He said she had performed Act 1 well, receiving over 370 credits in tips, which had been deposited into her prison credit account. He said she had performed Act 2 moderately well, achieving 6 detectable orgasims and receiving 2465 credits in tips, also deposited into her credit account. The warden said she now had a choice: she could repeat Act 2 in hopes of doing better, or she could verbally consent to Act 3. Consenting to Act 3 meant that female prisoner ELF624 had to verbally confirm that she was being paid for her acting services, and that she now agreed - for today only - to allow the warden to stuff his hard cock up her small elf-sized pussy, fucking her until he came.
8) Of course, Prisoner ELF624 consented, as she could not take another hour of Act 2 torture. And despite her soreness from her previous hour of abuse, the warden's wide, warm cock sliding smoothly into her pussy did feel good; as expected, she did her best to moan honestly and loudly. The male fucking her moved more naturally then had the machine which had tormented her during The Long Hour, his cock more warm and flexible than the machine's vibrating dildo.
9) Not as expected, prisoner ELF624 even achieves one last orgasm, the shutter of pleasure washing up against the pain in her limbs, stiff from being stretched for so long. Shortly thereafter, the warden grunted out his own pleasure, bathing ELF624's womb with a gentle warmth. Without saying a word, the warden pulled out and left the room.

10) The female nurse returned, her face flush. She whispered to ELF624 "Well done. Another 1190 credits in tips. The cameras have been showing your Acts 1, 2, and 3 live to paying customers - very profitable to all involved. Now you have one more decision to make - do your sign a waiver and vow of silence, or do you wish to try Act 4, which is a very Long Day? No elf has yet survived The Long Day; either their hearts give out, or they bleed to death."

Prisoner ELF624 wisely agrees to sign the waiver and vow of silence, including her thumb print for authenticity. Yet the nurse also insists that ELF624 rest for an hour, then come to her medical station for a very thorough exam ... promising that the exam would be soothing.

What is an elf prisoner to do?

Credits [PP14 + GIMP][Aiko4 mix, based on Raysee with Erogenesis tweaks][JustJokin Outfit and stage][Davo and Dentras props][Alien Bot figure][M4 and business suit ... but who cares about him?][Ajax easy-pose chains]

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