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      Hello, my fellow impregnation lovers. It has been an interesting and productive springtime, finishing a few long-awaited projects of mine and securing a new residence and roommate. Entering into the summer of 2015, I hope to continue some new behind-the-scenes habits that will produce more great content.

Story Contest - The ImpregNation

      Some of my viewers may have visited The ImpregNation in the past month and noticed the first story contest in about a year. The theme this time was incest, and authors both professional and amateur were given the opportunity to write a story that, if it wins first place, will be developed into a full ninty-minute film by Desperate Pleasures.

      Submissions have wrapped up with 4 entries, with my story Emily’s Naughty Cousins being one of them. When I began its drafting I thought the story would be rather short. But as the writing progressed I found myself adding more naughty scenes and descriptions and characterizations to the tale, until the end-product spanned over 18,000 words – my longest single-work yet!

      Perhaps it was my subconscious mind acting out after so many months of no incest storylines, but in any case I am extremely pleased with the result. Whether it wins the contest or not is beside the point for me, because I have a special plan for this story...

      After the contest is over, I will be publishing Emily’s Naughty Cousins onto Smashwords as a premium story. This was my plan from the beginning. However! I also intend to keep it published on The ImpregNation for any of my blog viewers to find and enjoy for the foreseeable future – that means free!

      While this is something of an experiment to see how much of an effect my blog has on my sales, I also wanted to get back to writing some free works. There are three other incest-extravaganza stories currently being voted on at The ImpregNation, and I encourage everyone to read them all and vote for the one you would most like to see made into a full-length erotic movie.

New Production Schedule

      Now, Emily’s Naughty Cousins is one example of the amped-up production schedule I have dedicated myself to over the past two months. Most of my weekday mornings have been spent writing and editing, a more structured and productive schedule that has produced wonderfully.

      Most of my stories over the years have been created in small bursts of inspiration in the confines of my house, a place that offers far more distraction than focus. After months of the flittering whim of my ‘creative spark’ leading me to look at online boobs rather than write, I decided to sequester myself out-of-home with my laptop and get to work.

      Thus far it has been a roaring success! I wrote three stories last month (one certain White Collar Werewolf 2 story still in editing…), and am on track to have two or three full stories this month as well – tripling my past levels of production.

      What this means is that I will also have the dedicated energy to work on my free projects that have been calling to me for months now. I think I will finally get the next installment of the Ashley series finished and put up on Literotica next month for instance, and more engaging works besides.

      The move to my new apartment next month shouldn’t interrupt my production either – in fact I anticipate the move will enhance it. So be prepared to see a higher level of production from me in the coming months – maybe even enough to feed and shelter myself properly!

Publishing Changes

      Part of my new production is also a slight shift in market allocation - that is, I intend to make my Smashwords and Amazon catalogues diverge somewhat from one another. The big difference between Amazon and Smashwords for an erotica author like me is that while Amazon makes me the big bucks, Smashwords lets me write and publish whatever the hell I want.

      My impregnation interests are vast, and sometimes the things I write are naughty things Amazon would ban me for – namely incest and non-consent stories. Some authors are willing to bend over backwards to turn their familial gangbang stories into Amazon-friendly PI (Psuedo-Incest) stories with more steps in them than a skyscraper stairwell. Not me, my friends.

      I would rather give my incest stories the taboo blood-ties my readers want and deserve. The same goes to my very naughty non-consent stories that are a bit less consent-y than Amazon likes… I don’t think Amazon would take Tami’s brutal rape and subsequent gangbang in Tami’s Last Tease very well, and I sure as hell am not going to try dressing that up as fluffy consent!

      But Amazon offers up something rather enticing to a starving artist like me: Money. Amazon has a program called KDP Select, which allows even a small-time author like me to make a significant income from publishing so long as I upload the stories exclusively there. And the money really is significant – I stand to gain upwards of five to ten times as much money in that program as I would elsewhere.

      I looked into the program and saw that it didn’t prevent my readers from acquiring my stories, which was my biggest concern. Since Smashwords would be getting ‘exclusive’ stories that Amazon would crucify me for, I decided to give Amazon some exclusives too.

      In short, going forward Smashwords will have my ‘Too Naughty for Amazon’ stories covering topics like full-on incest and hardcore non-consent, and Amazon will have everything else that I enjoy writing about. It is a good compromise that will earn me the most money possible while preserving my readers’ access and my desire to write what really turns me on at the time.

      All my stories will be advertized here as usual, and I intend to do some research in making a newsletter so I can keep my readers well-informed of my latest productions on both platforms.

Other Projects

      Major goals for Impregnation Erotica itself include shoring up some new captioned pictures, organizing my vast file collections, and getting more written posts up and running more frequently. It is very easy for me to slap a few bouncing tits up and call it good for the week, but I want a little more from my kinky talents.

      I am personally excited to continue my Jay Naylor comic reviews. I actually dreaded delving into the history behind the comic at first, but honestly I found it interesting once I began. Naylor is such a well-established artist now, and reading through some of his past writings really lets you see how he has developed as an artist. As a writer and thus fellow creative-sort, it is pretty inspiring to see. Plus, The Adventures of Lance Cannon (or rather adventure singular since there is only one) is quite a hot concept in its own right. Horse-stud guy hired to knock up sexy lesbian hyena-chicks? I like it!

      Other goals than that? I am not sure right now. Feedback on what sorts of things I could explore, sites to check out, movies to see, and so on are always things I like seeing from my viewers, and I am always looking to improve my crafts.

      That’s it for now then. Thanks for reading!

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