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      Or rather not on birth control. Cameron Caine has been searching for a younger virgin to fuck bareback. Not an easy task she says, but she found just the inexperienced stud to do the job! She wears a sexy white lingerie set that somehow reminds me of some slutty wedding attire. It isn’t long before she is moaning for the camera and begging for his babymaking sperm.

      This one is a Jerk-Off Instruction from a sexy posh British girl. Though it is just a striptease, I have a growing thing for UK girls dirty talking me with their lovely accents, and this woman has a very sexy body on top of that. Sometimes it is just nice to imagine knocking up a naughty-talking posh girl like that… Welp, that’s going on my To-Do List.

      Now this one is a pure amateur clip of a couple fucking doggystyle. Usually you get these films at the wrong angle, but this one gives a good account of the sexy action. The girl has those soft, sexy moans beneath the sounds of their rutting bodies, he reins her back by her hair, and naturally they fuck bareback. Unprotected. And he unloads himself deep inside his fertile girlfriend’s cunt.

      Have you ever seen a passionate fuck session end in an undiscovered ‘whoops’ moment? That is this amateur film of another sexy couple going at it. The action here is really engaging – the girl is very active in fucking her boyfriend, and he gives her naughty pussy a good hammering. The best part? They intended to pull out, but he cums too soon. You can see his huge load slopping from her accidentally inseminated pussy at the end… Whoops.

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      Eh, this one isn’t quite my cup of tea, but it at least it went for the black breeding idea. Strange enough, the editor who put the clips together had some skill, but the one who put up the words had no sense of timing or aesthetics. Nonetheless there are some good juxtapositions of interracial bareback fucking, creampied pussies, and white bellies swollen with black babies.

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