Jay Naylor Comic Review - Mrs. Doris Henderson

       Long overdue and much anticipated, this is the first Derren Grathy review of Jay Naylor’s excellent furry comics on Impregnation Erotica. And what better inter-species breeding comic to begin with than one of his first major works, Mrs. Doris Henderson!

      This particular comic has some interesting history attached to it. Way back in October of 2004, Jay Naylor had an idea of starting up a new website to replace his site Furrymilitia. This was back in the days when Naylor was practicing his newfound coloring techniques and he was netting only about 17 CD’s worth of sales from his Convention trips.

      The business of taking commissions and shipping out physical copies ate up huge amounts of time, and so Naylor had an idea to create a site that would service a wider general audience, include adult content, and create a sustained income. The ultimate goal was to create enough of an income to quit his day job at Kinkos and become an artist full-time. About the name of this new site Naylor said:

“The name ‘Furrymilitia’ will be going away. I'm not sure what's going to replace it, yet, if something other than just my name.”

      And thus JayNaylor.comwas born. Naylor later launched his premium works catalogue in February of 2005 while he worked on various free non-adult projects like Better Days and Hell for Humanity.

      It was during this time that he planned and worked on a comic he referred to as the Doris Henderson Project, a 26-page long piece far more extensive than his previous works. By June he finally had the work published in his catalogue as Mrs. Doris Henderson. Sketched by hand and digitally inked in black and white, he had a major goal of making it printer-friendly and said:

As it is, I don't know if I'm going to tackle another 26 page comic story in a while. They seem to soak up time and resources like nothing else.”

      He uploaded it to the catalogue in June of 2005, expecting a modest result for his efforts. But his first major adult comic vastly exceeded his expectations! About it Naylor said:

“[…]I'm very glad that my business model is a success and is far outstripping the income potential from haggling with comic book publishers. I feel that all the months of hard work that stemmed from a hair-brained idea back in October of 2004 are finally starting to pay off and it's very encouraging. It's also good to know that it can be done.”

      Mrs. Doris Hendersonand the site began a new career path for Jay Naylor, eventually leading to the great success and notoriety he has gained as an artist over the years. While Naylor himself is somewhat embarrassed by his old artwork and so took it off his site, it is an important milestone in his self-made career and, most importantly to us, a damn fine breeding comic!

Mrs. Doris Henderson

      Mrs. Doris Hendersonis the story of a loyal wife who goes to the gym late at night while she is in heat. A bunny-woman married to a husband of the same species, she has been trying to have a baby but to no avail. With the sex having become dull and dispassionate, Doris finds her body betraying her as she lusts for the two men who joined her in the gym.

      They are not her own kind, but predators. A canine and feline in fact, and they quickly notice the scent of a bitch in heat. It isn’t long before her body begins to succumb to their impressive builds and manly endowments, and they take advantage of the poor, horny, fertile housewife.

      Those who are familiar with Jaw Naylor’s current artwork will notice the great leaps and bounds he has made in recent years in background development, full-color drawings, and an overall improved aesthetic. That isn’t to say that the black-and-white drawings in Mrs. Doris Henderson are lacking however. To a fan of raw bareback action, sexy dialogue, and interesting demi-human couplings, this comic’s pages are gems.

      There is a truly carnal action that plays out in these pages. Doris cannot help but open herself up to these virile predators as they fondle and strip her down. She notices how exotic their bodies are, their members unique and large, and experiences each of them fucking her unprotected pussy raw. Their inhuman spunk sprays into her body and fills her needy womb with messy seed, the kind that will hunt down and prey upon her defenseless eggs.

      This is top-grade breeding material, the likes of which you will not find elsewhere in this level of quality, focus, or style. Jay Naylor certainly has a cinematic eye when it comes to his comic-making, giving interesting angles and shots that only grow better with each of his comics. Mrs. Doris Henderson exemplifies his early mastery of these interesting qualities, and is worth checking out.

      And better yet, Jay Naylor himself gave me permission to show all of you this work in its entirety right here on Impregnation Erotica! Check it all out and please consider supporting the artist and his continuing efforts in the links below – they are well worth the investment. Stay tuned for my next review of Jay Naylor’s work when I cover one of his subsequent breeding-centered comics entitled The Adventures of Lance Cannon. Enjoy!

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