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      While your husband sleeps, I will make you mine. I’ve left you a letter in my absence filled with naughty instructions and lusty portents into your future as my Mistress. Leave your cuckolded husband’s side and play with yourself just as I tell you to. Offer to spread your fertile legs for me, and my virile seed will drench your womanhood before the night is through. You need only obey your potent Bull.

      The Absent Bull involves the reader as the subject of an alpha male’s virile lusts. Filled with lurid descriptions and dirty talk, this story explores themes of cuckolding, risky sex, impregnation, masturbation instruction, and orgasm denial. Those who enjoy naughty romps into the world of unprotected adultery and domination by alpha males will find themselves engrossed and obeying the pages of The Absent Bull time and time again.

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