Sponsored Sites Update | April 2015

      Steady as she goes – that has been a delightful course over at Lelu Love. April had quite a few creamy additions to her lineup, the likes of which everyone here would enjoy checking out. It is also worth mentioning that many of her top viewed/rated films have themes of impregnation and fertile creampies in them. Perhaps we’ve been having an influence, eh? In any case my tokens are already halfway to the next free movie, so give it another few months and we’ll be seeing more of sexy Lelu getting knocked up for us!

      April has been a month of wrapping-up over at Illustrated Interracial. The three stories developing over the past few months (Schoolgirl Sara, Farm Girl, and Lust for the Librarian) seem to be reaching their respective climaxes. I look forward to the exciting conclusions to them this upcoming month!

      As for their content thus far, Schoolgirl Sara has maintained its brutal, weepy-eyed, non-consentual fuckfest throughout its development. There is a certain cruelty to it that is unappealing to me personally, but that was the nature of the story as it appeared on the forums when they still existed. Those who like hardcore rape stories involving innocent schoolgirls getting brutally fucked and inseminated, it is right up your alley.

      Farm Girl has been sort of middle of the road in terms of naughty versus cruel dubious consent. There are elements of barnyard fuckery and old man inseminating young blonde amongst tons of other fucking. I think I am personally more okay with it since the woman involved has a womanly nature to her, rather than this child-like innocence as Schoolgirl Sara did. Plus she’s terribly sexy, which is always a plus!

      Lust for the Librarian has been my favorite of these three stories. It most resembles the sort of magic formula many of Fobb’s stories follow, that there is a sexy white woman who gets coerced, tricked, or otherwise led into fucking black men, and despite her reservations to begin with transforms into a cock-hungry (and soon to be knocked up) slut. While the actual storyline continues beyond where I believe Fobbs will leave it, there best action is in this section – and such a deviation hopefully will allow Fobbs to add in some great impregnation action and result.

      Overall it has been a good month for developing each of these stories, and I look forward to seeing them wrapping up in the next month or so.

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