Victory for the Giant! New Poll and an Explanation


Well with the Imp out of the way it's time to get on with the main event. The Giant is hard and ready to fuck! Sydney's vest is barely hanging onto her chest after the Imps surprising, yet forceful erection! Showing off her upgraded ass looking as plump as ever, Sydney is ready to see how her upgrades stack up to the Giant's since their last fuck. There's a large bed perfect for the Giant to take her on and she's even started removing her panties!

The imp releases his magic so he can scamper off to avoid further humiliation at the hands of Sydney and the Giant. Sydney, is curious as ever though, and wanders; would the Imp's dick growth magic work on other monsters? Maybe it'd be worth a quick blowjob to get the imp to stick around and experiment with his magic?

Should Sydney suck off the Imp to apologize for embarrassing him? In return the Imp will try out some of his enhancement magic on the Giant at Sydney's request. This is a chance to make Sydney's re-match with the Giant a memorable one indeed! Help support Sydney's desires of an even larger cock for the Giant by voting in the new poll!

Also a bit of an explanation for those who are wandering why I'm spending time on this instead of other sets. The truth is I'm going to be using this set as a test to try out new technology. So the hope is to use this set to get used to the new tech to improve the quality of the other image sets. Nothing's been cancelled, just delayed until I've learn't my way around new software and interfaces and I should be able to bring you higher quality art and faster so I guess apologies to those who aren't a fan of Sydney and the Giant, But to everyone else Enjoy and remember to vote!

There's also the possibility of a small story to accompany the images, we're still working out the details.

~ Jimjim

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