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Tempting Her Billionaire Master
      Though chosen to be the companion of the mysterious billionaire Alfentis, Elaina has a desire of her own – to seduce and control her Master. But as the college girl flaunts her body at a lavish party, Alfentis plans her punishment. Binding Elaina’s hands behind her back and ravishing her in a public stairwell, her Master will teach his disobedient slave what fertile consequences attend being naughty in public…

       Tempting Her Billionaire Master looks into the lives of a powerful Master and his sexy slave-in-training. This short story explores dominance and submission, power play, exhibitionism, oral sex, light bdsm, punishment spanking, risky sex, and unprotected insemination. Read if you crave watching a confident temptress turn into a meek schoolgirl at the hands of her wealthy Master’s indomitable will, and enjoy Elaina’s hard lesson in submission.

      Dragged into a dirty alleyway with no hope of escape, Jamie is about to get Blacked. A black thug named Darnel snatches Jamie from the streets in the midst of the city’s nightlife, intent on ravishing the young beauty. Darnel sets about turning this unwilling girl into a black cock slut, addicting her to more than just African cock and black breeding her fertile Caucasian womb.

      Blacked in the Alley is a short story that follows the interracial rape and subsequent conversion of Jamie into a slut for black cock. It contains interracial BMWW, non-consent, raceplay, forced drug use, public sex, risky unprotected sex, black breeding, impregnation, and slutification. Those who crave a raw, heated encounter between a ghetto gangbanger and his pale, fertile slut-to-be cannot miss this!


      "Oh my god," she recoiled against the wall, staring at his half hardened snake. Its midnight shaft stretched longer than any white boy she ever had, and Darnel knew it from the way her widened eyes glittered with terror.

      "That's right baby, take a good look. This black mamba's gonna disappear soon."

      "Where?" The stunned bitch muttered without thinking.

      "In here," Darnel thrust his African spear along the cleft of her barely-covered sex. The jolt that ran through Jamie's body was more than just shock. The awful pleasure of it surprised her so much the tears welled up again. The reality of her fate sank in fast.

      "Oh please, please, don't rape me!"

      "I'mma beat this cracka pussy up."

      "Oh god! No!" Her voice was rising.

      "What I tell you bitch? You gonna make me stick you?"

      "Let me go!!" She wailed loudly, her quavering voice drowned by the din of the street festivities beyond. It was the last straw for Darnel. He pulled the cap off one of his needles and plunged it deep into her thigh. The girl screamed and flailed, but he slammed her against the brick again and pushed in the plunger. He loved this part.

      "Oh god oh god, what was that!? WHAT DID YOU DO!?"

      "Ever done drugs, bitch? You just got a full dose of something real special."

      Jamie began to hyperventilate. Her blue eyes rolled about like a frightened doe as her whole body quivered. The drugs worked fast, like it always did. Darnel knew the pimps around the area loved this shit, shooting up their hoes whenever they wanted to make some extra cash that night. This white bitch was no different from them now. Soon Jamie's breathing deepened and her head lulled. The girl began to loosen up as the foul cocktail of chemicals saturated her brain.

      "Yeah, that's right. Feels good, don't it?"

      "Mmmm..." Jamie's eyelids started to droop, no longer focusing on anything. Darnel grinned and kept her head from rolling too far as he rubbed his cock to hardness against her exposed thighs. If she was just wet before, now she was dripping.

      "Getting real hot for some nigga dick, aren't you?"

      The same confused yet pleasured moan escaped her lips. At that moment Jamie forgot where she was, who she was with, what was happening. All that mattered was the lagging sensations coursing through her veins, how good Darnel's warm skin felt against hers, how much the cold suddenly cooled her pussy. It needed warmth, like the warmth coming from Darnel's stiffness plowing against her folds. The hard, dark shaft rubbing against her bare sex recalled her plight however.

      "No..." She tried to focus down at herself. When she saw Darnel's African member sawing between her unprotected pussy lips, she moaned in fear. "I don't want it... Nooo, don't..."

      "You're just a fuckslut now, bitch," Darnel groaned, his dick throbbing up against her pale slit and finding her tight hole. "I'm gonna ruin your white cunt for anything but black dick, baby."

      "Please... don't -" Her scream went silent as he plunged in.

Exclusive Notes from Derren Grathy:

      Hello my fellow readers of fertile smuttiness. I’ve been a bit busy lately preparing for a move to a new city and battling my tendencies towards procrastination, and as a result I haven’t published too much last month. Strangely enough I had a handful of completed drafts waiting for editing and publishing, but I’ve been dragging my feet. Until now.

      So right now I have two short stories ready for my readers to enjoy, and is a great example of how I plan to split my catalogs on Amazon and Smashwords in terms of content. At some point in the future when both catalogs have enough titles to run with I will be migrating the titles Amazon will accept to that site, but that won’t be for a few months more.

      I wanted to write a little about my stories for anyone interested, as I know learning about the process of writing is sometimes cool (read my Jay Naylor Review for such an example).

      Blacked in the Alley originally began as a short, spur-of-the-moment roleplay writing I made for a friend of mine. She is quite a bit into forced and rough breeding scenarios, and so I sat down one night and cranked out a few thousand words about a nasty street thug snatching a helpless girl from the street and breeding her against her will.

      When I came back to it months later, I decided to work on it a little more to make it viable for a premium story. Harkening back to the unfortunate restrictions placed on our Lelu Love film (non-consent won, but Lelu’s transaction company she must work through disallows it), I wanted to make another hard non-consent story that didn’t tiptoe around the subject.

      I worked through it more than a few times in editing and ended up nearly doubling its size by the time I was satisfied, and as a result it has definitely become something way too raunchy and naughty for Amazon to condone. Thus you’ll only find it on Smashwords for now.

      I personally enjoyed depicting the drug use in it – forced or otherwise, I’ve always seemed to have a fascination with mind/body altering chemicals in fiction. That at the total sluttification that occurs to our heroine really got me going. Another story developing those ideas even further and following the progression of a character ‘slutting up’ has already begun brewing in my mind after working on this.

      It isn’t a happy story for sure, more along the lines of Tami’s Last Teasein terms of forced sex and the girl becoming a total slut for cock by the end. I guess that is a kind of happy ending? In my perverted mind it is! As a bonus, I decided to include a certain character from the Santa’s Helper series that my friend EZ4BlkCock wrote into the very end of this story – A little detail that might amuse some readers.

      Tempting Her Billionaire Master is likewise a large overhaul on a previous work. It wouldn’t be right to say it is an ‘edit’, as I’ve added extra naughty scenes and cranked up the main encounter between Elaina and her Master. The original shell story was written for an acquaintance after this photo inspired me – a girl topless kneeling in a stairwell, cum glazing her face and tits, and smiling satisfied into the camera. A different kind of girl in a different sort of situation came to mind, and I ran with it.

That story originally was submitted to The ImpregNation for a contest in 2012 I believe. Not an award winner given its brevity and errors, and after that point it just kind of sat around doing nothing. Years later I re-discovered it while wandering through my work, and decided it deserved being revamped and made better. So I worked it into something I am fairly proud of.

The ‘Billionaire’ craze right now in erotic publishing is due to the success and market craving of Fifty Shades of Grey. Rather controversial amongst erotica authors, there is nonetheless a large demand for ‘Billionaire’ books, so much so that Amazon has made its own little subgenre dedicated to it. Why millionaires are not sexy enough I am not sure…

I don’t know yet if this story is part of a larger story, but if it is this story takes place somewhere in the middle of their relationship. The main action takes place at a party for the young and wealthy, where Elaina attempts to break her Master’s normally cool demeanor and get him to act like the animal she knows him to be in private. But her plan backfires when he captures her in a stairwell and gives her a hard fucking under the constant threat of discovery in their very public location.

I’m pleased most about how I refined the characters into something a little more fleshed-out than the original story-shell had them be, and the action itself with wrist-tying and tit-slapping is something I don’t think I’ve ever actually written about to any great extent. Strange I haven’t, given how hot it turned out! Maybe I’ll be seeing more of these characters in a later work…

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope to see these books find success thanks to my readers here. Follow my new Twitter account @DerrenGrathy for more premium story announcements!

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