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      When Emily visits her big-city cousins for spring vacation, she discovers Nathan and Jennifer’s sibling love runs deeper than she ever imagined. Catching them in several torrid incestual acts, Emily struggles to understand their taboo relationship. But when they invite her to their unprotected debauchery, will virginal Emily be able to resist breaking such a risky taboo with her naughty cousins?

      Soon to be adapted into a feature-length erotic film by Desperate Pleasures Productions, Emily’s Naughty Cousins explores themes of brother-sister and cousin incest, group MFF sex, voyeurism, oral sex, unprotected risky inseminations, and impregnation. Emily discovers the pleasure in breaking the oldest taboo, and readers will enjoy seeing her accepting the love of her naughty cousins, in every detail!


      "Oh - Ohhhh!" Emily's pitch rose along with her hips. The pillows cushioned the battering she received, catching the pounding of his hips as he pinned her down. Every ounce of force shook through her lower body, forced to endure the ecstasy his wildman fucking inflicted on her. Soon enough there was no going back, and Emily shivered and quaked.

      "I'm close - I'm close again...!"

      "She's gonna cum for you, brother," Jennifer coaxed him on, "Make our pretty cousin cum for you!" Her fingers flew across Emily's clit as her teeth raked her neck. Combined with the way she tugged on her sensitive nipples and Nathan's relentless mating, Emily could resist no longer.

      "I - I'm there - I'm cumming - OH GOD!!"

      Blinded with the thrill of climax, Emily's legs shot up and around Nathan's rutting waist. His eyes shot open and he tried to say something, but Emily's pussy clamped down without mercy. Milking his length with feral intent, her body desired only one thing in the world: his sperm.

      Nathan howled and rutted deep, his perfect record of pulling out finally broken by his virginal cousin. A hot blast suddenly erupted inside Emily, snapping the tension in her belly all at once. Every shot joined with Nathan's bullish roars, grunts that signaled to Emily and Jennifer that he was unloading himself deep inside his cousin’s fertile body.

      In that moment Emily knew nothing save that each pulse fulfilled her with a fulfillment like nothing she'd ever felt. A hunger she never knew suddenly feasted on the dangerous load he pumped inside her. A new addiction formed in an instant.

      "Nathan!" Jennifer finally cried, "Nathan, pull out!"

      "Oh fuck!" he groaned, ramming his hips into Emily again and unleashing yet another shot of semen into her. "Oh fuck – FUCK!"

      "Oh my god," Jennifer stared at their joined hips, stunned to silence. Only after the pair relaxed and came down from their mutual climax did they part. Emily saw through the dancing colors and stars that Nathan pulled out inch by inch, and every bit of his turgid flesh now shimmered and shined with their mutual juices. Creamy-white streaked his member like a thick lotion. It’s thick, viscous heat began to leak from her.

      "Damn it, Nathan!" Jennifer scrambled around to see the damage. "Oh my god! Nathan!" She punched his shoulder. He barely felt anything in his post-climax high. "You came inside her! Emily, are you okay!?"

      "Mmmmm..." Emily moaned and squirmed, kicking her legs just a bit. When she did the thick jizz inside her shifted and rolled. The sensation was beyond pleasurable - it was right.

      "Nathan, why did you do that? She's not on the pill!"

      "She grabbed me," Nathan said, "She didn't mean it. It just happened."

      "Emily? Emily. God damn it Nathan, I think you broke her," Jennifer pushed Nathan aside and got between Emily's legs. The hazy girl giggled as her worried cousin stared in astonishment at her messy pussy. "Jesus, Nathan. There's cum everywhere!"

      "More inside I think..." Nathan admitted, his cock drooling some of the leftovers onto the sheets.

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