Ok so I figured I probably owe my blog followers an update if they were wanting an explanation as to where everything is.

My aim when I started this was to make a quick set which should only take about a week to produce. It probably still should only take a week of serious work to produce. Unfortunately I'm still busy at work, fortunately that'll end in about a week or so.  This means I'll be able to get straight to work on more renders.

Another reason It's taken so long is because I've been working on testing Reality 4. I usually render with the old version of reality 2.5 but in an upcoming update to Reality 4 renders will be reportedly completed 7 times as fast. Because of this I figured I'd take the time to learn my way around all the changes. It's yielded some good result's such as this image of Sydney I posted on my Tumblr account:

However It's also got quite a few things that I don't like working with it's materials and textures seem to be harder and more time consuming to get right and the lighting seems to have some problems at least for me. I'm not going to give up on the idea of switching. It'll just take more time than I thought to get it figured out time I don't currently have.

So I'm left with a couple of options. Wait for the upcomming update that should fix most of these problems and make images render faster. Or continue on with the set using the old version of reality. I'm not sure how much longer the update will take but it could take another month and I'm not sure I'm willing to sit around doing nothing in that month. Anyway I'll figure it out sometime soon and let everybody know.

Of course there's nothing wrong with how my current images are It'd just be nice to take advantage of the new features Reality 4 has to offer without all the hassle (to be honest it's harder to get the Giant and Imp looking good than Sydney!)

Anyway while we're on the topic of the upcomming Sydney set It was a unanimous victory for the inclusion of the imp's blowjob and resultant Dick growth for the Giant. This will make Sydney very pleased indeed. But how big should his dick get? Bellow are some test shots:

Let me know what you think? Should they take it a step further? Sydney's up for anything!

I can also confirm that there will be a story attached to this set written by the wonderful Camille so I hope people are looking forward to that aswell.

I have a few more things to get ready before I announce OIL officially, the other project I'm working on with Camille that I've mentioned several times before.

~ Jim

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