Daz 4.8 Test

So I've found out that Daz has updated to 4.8 and with is comes a sweet yet complicated new render engine.

Above you can see both images rendered in the new update, the left being done in my traditional lighting and engine, the one one right, using the new render engine and it's dome light setting which are mean to simulate real life sun light and such, now I admit the new render looks impressive and I've only had a few hours to play with it before I head to work, which is after this post but so far the one issue I have is minor, Mina's eyes do not highlight, but I need to fiddle with the new engine and see how it works, now in case anyone asks I might, might use this for the next issue and all future renders, but only if I get to a point where I feel comfortable, if not, then MCR will continue in my current render engine.

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