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       When Elizabeth Adams performs a routine welfare check on a young white mother, she quickly discovers she and a dozen other women have been blacked – by the same man! Ramal Clast has been seducing promising white women into poverty and depravity for years, and Elizabeth takes it upon herself to deliver him justice. But in order to serve him child support papers, Elizabeth must first serve him her fertile body. Will Elizabeth perform her civic duty, or will she succumb and find herself Blacked?

      Naïve Social Worker Blacked explores themes of black-on-white couplings, unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, white woman slutification, erotic impregnation, and interracial pregnancy. Over 16,000 words packed with naughty tension, lurid descriptions, and multiple high-intensity BMWW interracial sex scenes.  This story of an idealistic duty-bound woman falling under the inescapable thrall of a charismatic black man cannot be missed!

Author Notes:

      During my very busy month of June and half of July, I found myself working on this story here and there whenever I could muster the time. What started off as a whim-written short became a rather long story – much like the other BLACKED stories.

      Naïve Social Worker BLACKED takes on an envelope-style narrative, meaning that what happens in the beginning has a tendency of coming back around again by the end. My readers will see what I mean when they pick this one up. My only hint is that Olivia was like Elizabeth once too, and she’s looking for a new roommate…

      Overall the writing was fun – just straight out seduction, fucking, and impregnating action. It ended up going on a lot longer than I first anticipated. What began as a short exercise in the sub-5000 word mark quickly turned into a 16k+ novelette. But rest assured that those pages are brimming with all sorts of naughty situations and growing sexual debauchery.

      This story in particular I explored slutification more fully than I did in Blacked in the Alley. Slutification occurs wherein an innocent or prudish character becomes a total fuckslut by one or a series of really good fuckings. I loved the idea of a well-meaning social worker getting caught up with a smooth-talking serial breeder, where she had to choose between nailing this guy for child support or get nailed with a black baby. Given that the story appears here and written by me, I’ll leave it to you to decide which way our heroine Elizabeth goes by story’s end.

      As my readers might be catching on, I intend to lump most if not all of my ‘black breeding’ themed stories under the ‘Blacked’ titles. I don’t consider them a series since there is no connection between each story, but I do enjoy the idea of having an overarching theme connected together through those titles.

      I actually have two different non-interracial stories I’ve been working on as well, but this one was close to being done and so I finished it off. Hopefully that will get my mind back onto other wholesome topics to write about - like tentacle monsters and werewolf breeding… ahhh…

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