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      Awhile ago I mentioned that the owner of BattleStrength contacted me about his 3D erotica site, so I’ve finally gotten around to making a proper post about his long body of work.

      BattleStrength has been active for more than a decade, and its artist has been producing many works in that time. Taking a comic-book style to his 3D art, BattleStrength gravitates towards all sorts of sci-fi and fantasy concepts. Trolls, aliens, blackmail, superheroes – you name it, BattleStrength has a comic on the subject.

      Better yet, he highly enjoys impregnation scenarios! And let me tell you, the depictions of his heroines getting hugely pregnant from monstrosities or supernatural beings is quite a delicious sight. And he also covers some sub-genre topics that might not be easily found elsewhere in 3D artwork. These topics include things like bursting, egg-laying, parasites, and so on.

      What I’ve enjoyed most about his work is that the guy has ha a decade to hone his 3D artwork skills, and it shows. When there’s a well-rendered Amazonian taking a jungle-monster’s veiny dick, or when a space marine falls pregnant from some parasitic space alien, it really is some high-quality stuff!

       Those who are especially into humanoid and non-human mating on willing (and unwilling) women and like quality 3D artwork, definitely go give BattleStrength’s Free Deviant Art Page a look, and if you reallylike what you see, then head over to BattleStrength’s Main Site and consider becoming a member.

      Breeding Season is a rather cute concept for an erotic game. You’ve just inherited your farm ala Harvest Moon style happenstance, and your goal is to create the biggest, most productive farming/ranching operation to pay off your ultra-massive debt. And you get to do this by raising, utilizing, and breeding the world’s finest anthropomorphic creatures.

      Only, it isn’t just wool and milk you’ll be getting from them. Yes, Breeding Season is an erotic game for a reason, as your animal stock are all sexy humanoid beasts. Minotaurs, holstaurus, demons, dickwolves, harpies, and so forth are all ripe for the raising. Not only do you spend time rearing your lovely cohort of creatures, but you will find that some of the most valuable resources they produce require the kind of milking, massaging, and breeding that we all wished we could do in a farming simulator!

      Both male and female creatures are available for raising, and your playable character can be male or female. While you’ll be making all kinds of naughty combinations between your fertile and frisky beasties, your own character can join in on some of the breeding fun!

      As the game is currently in Alpha I believe, it is far from completion BUT it frequently updated and has a free version for anyone to play on their Main Blog Site. If you find yourself really salivating for the more up-to-date and titillating versions, there is always the current builds available to those who Donate to their Patreon. Over 8,000 people have so far, bringing in a whopping $35,000 a month in revenue for their team. Amazing!

      I’ll have to give playing it for a long-term breeding session sometime in the near future. In the meantime though, if you wanted a fairly in-depth erotica game to wile away some of your naughty time, Breeding Season is a quirky one to milk a shot or two for.

      Splendid Ostrich has left a few comments on my blog from time to time, and I had the pleasure of learning about his text-based TF adventure game he has been working on! Currently in production and free for anyone to download and play on the Splendid Ostrich Blog Site, it is a text-based adventure with a gender-bender premise.

      You are a guy who suddenly, strangely, finds himself transformed into a woman – a lady who will get herself into all kinds of naughty, potentially even fertile, situations. Navigating the world as the opposite gender is quite a feat in itself, especially if you don’t wind up knocked up for it!

      Those who are not totally into the whole gender-swap concept can simply begin the game as a woman as well and lead her into all sorts of naughty places. Anyone who has played Corruption of Champions would already be familiar with the text-based adventure Splendid Ostrich has been busily constructing. And with a rather high emphasis on impregnation (oh the hazards of being a new woman!), I can see why they recommended it to my viewers here.

      I had a bit of a difficult time finding where to play the game, but I’ve struggled so you don’t have to! You can get started here with a short download and be on your way to having some good old fashioned text-based naughtiness. He also has a Patreon! Be sure to let Splendid know how you enjoy it!

Authors of Mention

Since becoming a published erotica author, I’ve had the pleasure of talking with quite a few of my fellow authors on sites like Dirty Discourse. And during those talks I’ve been thinking about how rather popular the whole Breeding scene is in the erotica-publishing world. I guess lots of people out there love the idea of swelling bellies and unprotected inseminations – who would have guessed those people existed, huh?

Anyway, I have been exploring about a bit and thought from time to time it might be nice to mention some of my fellow writers on here, and hopefully bring some of their content to your attention. We erotica authors sure could use feedback, support, and ratings, so if you enjoy their works please consider letting them know!

First on my list was the recipient of my first Amazon public comment, Mark Desires! I happened across one of his free stories by the name of Vines of the Alruane. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Alruanes are monstrous plant-girls that are hungry for human semen to consume and get impregnated by.

I enjoyed it quite a bit and went on to discover that many of his other works are focused on impregnation topics, and many of which involve monstergirls. My, hasn’t this Sites to Check Out been full of sexy monsters! So much of his catalog is focused on monstergirl breeding situations, and quite a few are free for anyone to enjoy.

I asked him which titles he might think my readers would most enjoy and which he was most proud of, given that we so enjoy impregnation and breeding topics. To that he mentioned a few titles I’ve gone and hunted down: Allured by Nine-Tails, Laying with the Lamia, and Bearing the Dragon’s Child.

Alongside those I’ve found three of his free titles available for download on Amazon: The Pregnant Mother Down the Street, Curse of the Were-Jaguar, and Snared by Temptation. I think they’d provide quite the nice entertainment for all my viewers here, whether you like naughty, pregnant mommies or seductive , fertile monstergirls. And Mark Desires has a whole host of other books in the Mark Desires Premium Catalog that will surely entertain with prices ranging from six dollars to just ninty-nine cents.

Two of my favorite Literotica interracial breeding authors right now are PenPal2001and EZ4BlkCock.

Regularly for a few months, PenPal2001was writing a series entitled Sisters Misters, a story about the connected conversions of a family of white women to black cock, and their subsequent breedings and impregnations. PenPal2001 has a penchant for a delightful upbeat sort of black cock slut characterization, alongside tattooing, smoking, and other slutification hallmarks that I personally really enjoy. While he was silent afterwards for awhile, his most recent work is Good Neighbor Sam published just a few days ago, so I for one am looking forward to more of his engaging work.

And EZ4BlkCockhas been mentioned on my blog before, so there isn’t too much that needs to be added – save for the fact that she writes my absolute favorite ‘black breeding’ stories on Literotica and almost two years ago went offline. Well, a little over a week ago she contacted me again and published a new storyline called Brandi. I am sure that she will be working on her ongoing series as well, and I look forward to seeing what great stuff she comes up with.

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