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Title: Elven Desires: Lost Innocence

Written by: Vela Nanashi

Disclaimer: Inspired by X3Z's fantastic artwork by the same name.

X3Z may use this story as he sees fit, and others are free to enjoy it too and make their own stories and things based on it if it inspires, I am not some perfect writer, this is just what I got inspired to write.

I gave them names, that are not what they are likely to be called in X3Z's later stories, but he is free to use the names if he likes them.

Summary: Saeri and Saera elven sisters once again sneak out of their parent's home at night, to enjoy the starlight and cool breeze of night, at the nearby watchtower, they like teasing the guards who works for their parents and get a bit more than they bargained for.


Saeri and Saera run naked happy and free giggling down the path from their parent's mansion to the watchtower, and as they reach there they are slightly glazed with sweat, and Saera takes out the bottle of moon oil, a wonderful alchemical and magical mixture of various oils and herbs that makes the skin take on an even more beautiful lustre than normal and become more sensitive to touch and simply feel amazing, it lets them feel the moon and star light caress their bodies they pour it over themselves and gentle caress it out over each other's skins. They don't know it, but it also enhances their own scents and makes them a lot more alluring.

Saera wears her hair up with her tiara her father gave her in it, and has a lightly braided pony tail resting down behind her neck and back. Saeri wears her hair more free, but she has a simple pony tail tied with the pink silk ribbons Firral the dark skinned elf boy gave her, he asked her to come to the spring dance with her and she already had a crush on him.

"Hey sis that ribbon is new, pink eh, a boy loves you?" Saera asks and smiles and smiles as her sister blushes, and caresses her sister's breasts with the oil.

Saeri nods and bites her lip a bit "it was Firral, I accepted his invitation to the spring dance. He is such a hunk, and always was nice to me, I spied on him when he was taking a bath at the stream, he was pulling on his pee pee and moaning my name, I got all tingly inside and wet, I have never seen such a big pee pee before, not even dad is that big." she returns the favour by rubbing oil over her sister's breasts and they caress each other making sure to get the oil everywhere.

Saera laughs and moans softly "mmm yeah he is hot, you are so lucky, I am jealous, maybe you can share him with me later, I have been dreaming about getting one of they boys to take my virginity, and I would love to do it with you sis, I love you so much, and I know you had your first moon blood last week, I had my first a few months ago. I want to have babies, they are so cute and adorable. I have just not been able to choose who to pick, I mean Firral is hot on a more wild level, but Amadre is gorgeous and sings such beautiful songs." she slides her thigh between her sister's legs as she hugs her close and cups her cute butt cheeks and kisses her sister.

Saeri moans, her sister and she had always been close and their parents have been unable to stop them from playing rather inappropriate games with each other, she likes the idea of sharing Firral with her sister after the dance, as long as she understands he is her boyfriend "if you invite Amadre to the spring dance and bring him with you we can enjoy both of them together. Maybe we can both get pregnant and have cute babies together and Firral can hunt for us and Amadre sing songs for us and give us nice massages with those pretty smooth and big hands of his." she says and rubs herself against her sister's leg, they then hear a sound and look around.

Nobody had told them, but the guard had spotted some of the red orcs doing a raid and had left the watchtower to try to ward them off.

Two of them, the elder shaved Bokka and his brother Shaka with his thick short black hair, they are one of the faster and stronger axe berserkers who run naked into combat to put fear into the hearts of their enemies, and also to not be hampered by armour, they had managed to make it past the guards and they spot the two nubile naked women, who also smell like they are in heat, their wonderful scent is quite strong and has travelled far, though they also smell of silly flowers and stuff, but not enough to make their own scent hidden. As the elf females turn around to look at them they run up to them.

The elven girls cry out "orcs, help!" and Saera is picked up by Shaka and cries "noo please put me down!"

Shaka chuckles "I caught myself an elf princess, stop screaming or I have to beat some sense into ya, nobody is coming to help you."

Meanwhile Bokka advances on Saeri who falls onto the bench and tries to back away and she whimpers "please don't hurt me and my sister!" she feebly tries to hold Bokka back with her left foot and she feels so helpless, and she wonders where the guard is who she thought was in the tower, of course she and her sister did not bother to actually climb up the ladder to check if the guard was there. "Stop screaming or I will hurt you and your sister." Bokka says and grins at her, since they are both still alive it would seem these elves are not mages, and they have no weapons or armour to speak of so he is sure this is going to be fun. He raises his axe threateningly.

Saeri stops screaming and holds up her hand and pleads softly "please don't hurt us" she also sees Bokka's cock go fully erect and she has never seen such a huge pee pee, her pussy muscles flutter and she feels her pussy get wet, yet she still pushes with her left foot to try to keep him away nearly stabbing him with her high heel shoe.

Meanwhile Saera is thrown to the ground and she holds her free hand up, as Shaka grabs her arm and prevents her from running away, her hand is still glistening with the moon oil and also stops screaming "please, we are no threat, don't hurt us, I will..." she is looking up at Shaka's scary leering face, scared that he will hurt her, her heart racing.

Shaka moves closer "suck my cock and if you do a good job I may not kill you."

Saera stares down at his huge cock and her eyes go wide and she gently touches his cock, her pussy muscles clench and she feels herself get really wet, her body preparing for the inevitable, she had never seen a cock so big in her life and she looks up at him gently caressing his cock with some of the moon oil and she is surprised at how good he suddenly starts smelling, though his sweat is not as appealing to her nose as that of other elves, the oil makes his masculine scent and pheromones a lot stronger and actually turns her on and she looks up into his eyes with a mixture of excitement and lust, tempered with her fear.

Bokka meanwhile slams his axe into the beam next to Saeri making her jump and nearly wet herself "please no" she whimpers and he grabs both her ankles and pulls her legs up, spreading her. A bit more for him and admires her beauty and lovely scent and as the oil from her skin touches his, his scent also becomes alluring to her, and she feels a mixture of lust and excitement spiced nicely with fear, as her heart races. "You will let me fuck you, and if you are good I will let you live." he raises his voice a bit and says in orcish "these will be nice entertainment in our camp eh?!" and Shaka laughs and speaks in common "we will take you with us to our camp and make you our sex slaves, if you are good, otherwise we kill you."

Saeri and Saera both really do not want to die, and even being used for sex till they get rescued sounds better than being hurt trying to escape and maybe killed, they had heard that orcs do not care if the elf they fuck is alive or dead, better to be alive and have the hope of escape, besides these orcs smell so hot in a wild and primal way and their bodies are responding to them, getting all hot and bothered.

"Please be gentle, I have never been with a man before" Saeri says and looks into Bokka's eyes. He laughs "you hear that brother, she is a virgin!"

Shaka laughs and looks down at Saera "how about you?" and she nods and blushes. "A pair of virgin sisters hah! The gods of conquest are smiling on us tonight brother!"

Bokka chuckles and caresses Saeri's inner thigh with his big rough hand, sending shivers down her spine and making her pussy quiver in anticipation. She gives gasps and softly sighs in anticipation. As he pushes her legs up against her body.

Shaka's cock weeps precum, tears of joy, for Saera's amazing caresses and in anticipation of fucking her beautiful lips and mouth and throat. He manages to be patient with her because she makes him feel good with her hands, despite clearly not knowing what she is doing, her hands are so smooth and silky and that oil does amazing things to him.

Bokka moves his other hand to caress Saeri's other thigh and he starts spreading her wet pussy lips and examining her pussy, remembering the story of how an orc huntress had put a carefully crafted cylinder in her pussy with sharp needles with poison and killed several orcs that way, and these two women seem almost too good and he is sharp enough to check her out first, just in case, as you don't know with elves. As he does so she whimpers "mmm gentle please, your fingers are as big as elven cocks, please oooh mmm that feels so good." he slides a thumb and two fingers into her and pulls her flexible elf pussy open and sees no evil elf trickery and she moans and gently touches his hand with her own and "aah please gentle you are stretching me out too much I feel like I will be ripped apart!" Bokka chuckles "if you can't handle three fingers you will not handle my cock either." she whimpers and arches her back and looks dreamily into his eyes as he is making her feel things she never felt before with just his fingers as she inhales deeply and moans softly.

Meanwhile Saera moves closer and smells Shaka's cock and hesitates a bit before opening her mouth and she carefully licks the tip and he does not taste as bad as she imagined he would, she thought his pee pee would taste of pee, but it tastes good, partially due to the help of the moon oil, making his scent and taste alluring to her, she wraps her lips around his cock's head and kisses it with some tongue work, not sure how to properly suck him off, but he does groan as her lips and tongue feel amazing.

Bokka grabs Saeri's legs again and spreads her open and places the head of his cock at her wet inviting pussy and pushes slowly in, groaning as her tight pussy kisses his cock and quivers around him. Saeri moves her hand up to her mouth and bites gently into her finger and tries to stifle her louder moan, her other hand pressing against Bokka's powerful muscular body, trying to make him go slow, she is is really worried he will hurt her body, but her body is so excited and feeling so good and ready for this. She looks at his huge cock, thinking that it could never fit inside her, but it excites her a lot.

Saeri and Saera are not aware of this, but they are ovulating, and in heat, their bodies finally having reached their fertile age, the blooming, and during the blooming elves tend to go a bit crazy and experiment sexually, that is another reason why they are so receptive to the moon oil enhanced attraction.

Bokka slowly shoves himself deeper into Saeri and she gives off a really hot whimpering moan and her push against him becomes a grip that is unsure if it is trying to push away or pull him closer and she gazes up into his eyes as he makes her feel really amazing as he stretches her pussy out, she feels her pussy muscles go wild around him, clenching around him and fluttering as if they are trying to milk him and pull him deeper. He groans loudly, this is his first elf in blooming he has ever had and unlike the older elves her body is responding so amazingly to him, surprisingly not screaming and begging him to stop. He finally slams himself all the way into her pussy and makes her cry out and arch her back and her stomach muscles contract with her pussy muscles holding onto him tightly, this is the best fuck ever and he has just gotten started. He is sure he is going to take her home to the camp and keep her in his tent, maybe chained to his bedpost so she can't run away. He starts fucking her in earnest now, holding her up as her body arches and she sings beautifully for him in heavy panting, moans and whimpers, she looks like she is really enjoying what he is doing, and she is, she has never felt this amazing, she now feels like this is what her body is meant to do, as nothing else has ever felt this good, except in a similar yet different way when she and her sister explored each other with their tongues, but this is better, more intense, more right, this is what her body craves.

Meanwhile Shaka wraps his hand behind Saera's head and shoves all of his huge cock head into her mouth, her jaws just barely manage to open up wide enough, thanks to the crazy flexibility of her elf flesh, and youth combined, she moans and gags on his cock, her pussy flutters more and tries to tell her that the cock belongs in it, not her mouth, not that she chose to take him in her mouth, it was what he demanded, she can't help that her teeth slide against his head and shaft as he pushes into her mouth, but she tries her best to not bite him. Shaka groans loudly, feeling amazing, and her tiny and smooth elf teeth feel nowhere near as painful as the sharpened teeth and tusks of the orc women, he even likes the way the teeth feel as they slide over his cock's head and shaft.

"Aaah so good by the goddess yes!" Saeri moans as Bokka fucks her slow, deep and hard, her pussy tries to milk him with its chaotic contractions and tries to prevent him from leaving it. Bokka roars in triumph as he explodes deep into her and as her pussy gets so full with cum that his cock is pushed out of her he pulls it out and shoots all over her belly breasts and hitting her face. She without really thinking about it licks some cum away from her lips and moans deeply and finds herself enjoying the somewhat bitter salty taste "I love you" she moans softly, it is not exactly accurate, but she is glowing with how good she feels, her pussy and womb sending really intense happy signals to her mind, making her look dreamily at Bokka. She collects his cum with her hands and licks it up and rubs the rest into her skin that absorbs the cum quickly, another of the benefits with the moon oil, it lets the skin absorb nutrients really easily, and helps keep the wearer nice and clean.

Bokka chuckles a bit and groans and sets her back down on the bench and watches her stretch out beautifully in her orgasmic after glow. Her pussy tries to hold onto his cum and she tries to squeeze her legs together to prevent that lovely heat of his from leaking out. "Oh by the goddess I am so full with your amazing heat." she whimpers and feels it start to seep out despite the best efforts of her pussy's contractions, she caresses her belly and blushes and wonders if she is going to get pregnant, have a half orc baby, strangely right not that is not a revolting thought to her, as this big red orc made her feel so amazing and he has not beaten her or done any of the other bad things her parents said they do, only sex and she kind of agreed to it. Bokka looks into her eyes and sees her pupils are agape and smiles "spread your legs for me and let me see you, and my seed seep out of your hot cunt slut." she moans and does as he asks and the cool breeze against her hot wet pussy makes her shiver a bit and then she feels the hot cum start flowing out of her like a beautiful river of liquid pearls. "Oh by the goddess aah so much so hot mmm!" she moans.

Meanwhile Shaka forces his cock deeper and steps over Saera and forcer her to lean back and take him and she can't help rubbing her clit as despite herself this is making her feel so very hot and bothered, the moans of her younger sister is making her feel jealous despite it being an orc that took her virginity. She clearly enjoyed it and she wants some too, or at least that is what her body is telling her and her emotions, but her intellect, and her lessons by her parents are screaming out at the violation of herself and her sister. Somehow she manages to take Shaka's huge cock deeper into her, it bends a little bit and her flesh stretches and accommodates her, both her and her sister had been practising oral techniques and learned to suppress their gag reflex, she is really happy for that right now, though it is still a challenge and as she has her throat fucked she has to time her breathing perfectly for when Shaka let's her breathe, it is scary but also turns her on more.

Saeri gets up looking up at Bokka "I want more, please?" she can't believe she is saying that and as Bokka caresses her cheek, still panting a bit from how good a fuck she was she starts sucking on his big thumb, he groans as she takes his thumb deep and his cock bounces as it starts to get harder, wanting to be where his thumb is, since it is such a nice wet hole.

Shaka roars as he starts cumming and he pulls out and says "open your mouth and let me see you take all my cum slut!"

Saera does as asked and cups her breast playing with them as the bitter salty and strangely tasty cum floods into her mouth, she has really conflicting feelings about this and gazes up into his eyes. As he finishes cumming she drools some of the cum down between her breasts and start rubbing it into her skin and swallows the rest, she slides a cum soaked hand down to her pussy and rubs it against her wet pussy and pushes some cum inside and moans.

"If you want more you have to show me you want it and ride me slut" Bokka says to Saeri and she blushes and is helped up onto his lap and she slides her pussy against his hard hot shaft and moans. She still can't believe she had all of that inside her.

Shaka pulls Saera up and grabs her around her neck, being able to easily wrap his hand all the way around her "you want my cum in your pussy slut? Then you have to earn it." his cock is rock hard again and she looks into his eyes with fear and excitement and blushes and whimpers softly some tears forming in her eyes "please don't be rough with me, fuck me instead, I want you inside me." she can't believe the words coming out of her mouth, but his scary grip on her neck relaxes as does his facial expression.

Bokka gets a little bit frustrated with Saeri seeming to be happy to just rub herself on his hard cock and pulls her up a bit "no like this" he says and gets the tip of his cock to her wet pussy opening poking it slightly inside and she moans "mmm ok" and she tries to hold herself up by stretching her leg out "slowly please." she slips a bit and his entire head goes into her and then her muscles spasm and she slides half way down on him and blushes fiercely before she gains a footing "aaah slow." she says and turns to look at him and places a hand on his chest. Bokka chuckles at her placing a hand over her hand "just ride me slut, I can feel you want to" and moving his other hand to caresses her side and the tips of his fingers wrap around to caress her ribs and belly, his thumb resting on her back, he gently pulls her down a bit more and she moans. He admires her beautiful back and cute butt, not quite as big and curvy as an orc bitch, but he loves elf bitches, that is one reason why he risks his life on raids of elven lands, most orcs do not survive the raids, he had been lucky so far, and if this was the last night of his life he thinks it would be worth it for having fucked these virgin elf sluts.

Shaka pushes Saera over one of the large supply packs and pulls her arm and still is grabbing her neck and she whimpers a bit watching her sister fuck Bokka makes her pussy wet "ow please don't pull my arm out of its socket, and fuck me instead please." he chuckles and pulls her arm some more and then as she whimpers sweetly "please fuck me" for him he releases her arm and the slides his cock teasingly over her wet pussy lips and then presses his cock head against her perfect virgin star shaped anus and she whimpers "oh no please not my ass!" he chuckles at that and says "I am going to fuck your ass" and pushes a bit harder and despite her misgivings she finds that she actually likes how he feels there, but it also feels really dirty and embarrassing and hurts a bit as she tries to resist him, but her pussy feels neglected and hungry, to the point of her feeling desperate about that, but she finally accepts it is going to happen and as she pushes back a little bit herself her anus relaxes allowing him to enter her.

Bokka chuckles and groans a bit at how nice Saeri's pussy feels and says "bring her over here, and make them look each other in the eyes as we fuck them."

Shaka laughs and brings Saera over. Saeri and Saera grab each others hand and blush as they gaze each other into the eyes and Saera whimpers as Shaka pushes his cock deeper into her tight ass. Saeri moans as Bokka keeps fucking her and is turned on more as her sister and play partner is moved up closer to her, she loves sharing this moment with her sister, Saera is happy too, but also envious of her sister getting fucked not once but twice in her pussy. "I never dreamed I could feel this good" Saeri says and blushes more as she looks deep into her sister's eyes, her own pupils agape with the intense pleasure and she barely registers that her sister is not quite that aroused and pleasured, if she did she would feel a bit sorry for her, yet would not trade places with her.

Bokka and Shaka both laugh and say Bokka says "we definitely keeping them as camp sex slaves, they will love their life as sluts" they both chuckle at that and the brief look of fear in the girls eyes and then they shove their cocks deeper, making them both moan, pushing them closer together, and they shove themselves fully inside and grab both the girls lifting them slightly by their arms and by the cocks inside them and as they are shoved up against each other the sisters kiss passionately and moan into each other's mouths.

Bokka laughs "we should make them kiss each other around our cocks later aah gods she is so tight even after a good fucking!"

Shaka chuckles and groans "you should try her ass, it amazing!" he slams in the last bit of the way and his balls slap against Saera's hungry neglected pussy making it quiver with excitement.

They finally expend themselves into Saera's ass and Saeri's pussy and then hear the elven war horn in the distance and they grab their axes with one hand sling their respective elf girl over one shoulder, then Bokka spots the shiny gem encrusted bottle of moon oil, and snags it, and they run for the woods, the leaves whipping the elves exposed butts, and soon enough they reach their shared tent.

--- to be continued maybe ---

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