Authors and Artists of Breeding #1

      Hello and welcome to my newest recurring segment on Impregnation Erotica, where I intend to showcase some of my fellow authors of naughty breeding action. Through interviews and personal readings, I intend to find you all the best sources of erotica out there. Lets get started!

      I discovered Shelby Horne’s work while looking up naughty tumblr blogs to sate my personal appetites. Turns out she has a growing collection of impregnation-centric stories on Smashwords as well as a naughty blog, so how could I resist checking her work out?

      Horne’s favorite story theme is Women Taking Charge. Whether they are trying to sabotage their unwanted arranged marriage by getting knocked up by a sexy soldier, or corralling a group of horny cowboys intent on a mating rodeo, Horne’s female characters take charge of their sexuality and embrace their inner cumslut whole-heartedly.

      A major feature of her stories is the dirty talk. Oh how much dirty talk there is in a Shelby Horne story! Here’s an excerpt from one of her stories entitled Ruining the Wedding:

"I want you to clean my cock for me," he said as he ran a soapy hand over it, "but I'm afraid your pretty little hands would make me cum too fast. And if you really want to get knocked up, I'm not going to shoot my seed anywhere but inside that little pussy. Are you sure you're fertile today?"

I nodded. "My periods are regular and my last one was two weeks ago. Otherwise I would have been over here two weeks ago when my parents first told me I was going to marry that asshole."

Mark laughed. "I'll fuck you, but if you change your mind at any time, tell me and I'll pull out and shoot my load on your back or stomach."

"I'm not going to change my mind. I'm going to leave here with my belly full of your baby batter." I stuck my fingers into my pussy. It was wet and ready for him. I could see his cock twitch. That was a good sign. That meant he'd have no trouble giving me exactly what I wanted.

      Other stories Shelby is particularly proud of include Mara’s Storyabout voyeurism and teacher-student fucking, and Vanessa’s Storyabout a threesome with rugged cowboys.

      Finally, her catalog is unique in that she has chosen to allow readers to set their own prices for most of her work. A very bold and generous system to adopt, and I hope it pays off for her well!

      If you like confident women dirty-talking guys for their virile seed, make sure to check out Shelby Horne’s Smashwords Catalog and Tumblr!

      Most of Fannie Tucker’s topics revolve around virginal breeding fantasies. She enjoys putting inexperienced characters into impossible situations – Where Viking barbarians demand a princess to spare her kingdom, or the virgin who is sacrificed by the village to sate a monster’s sexual appetites.

      And in those situations following the blooming of some inner strength in those naughty women they didn’t know they had. Which is great, because those sexy girls are going to be taking a hard pounding from a well-hung minotaur or a wildly horny caveman.

      The contrast between the hulking brute and the slender virgin definitely holds its sway over Tucker’s imagination. As far as critical acclaim goes, her series entry of Island of the Cavemen: The Mammoth Lord’s Broodmaiden definitely is her most popular at the moment. But some of her favorite stories include Maiden Sacrifice starring hot werewolf-on-virgin sex, and His By Conquest about royalty offering her body to barbarian invaders to preserve her people.

      The vast majority of her works can be found in the Kindle Unlimited program, meaning if you sign up for that you can read them for free and allow Amazon to reward the author with a fair amount of income for doing so.

      If you are into the sweet and delicate virgin getting ravaged by naughty men and hulking monsters, pick up something from Fannie Tucker’s Catalog!

      What fills the pages of Derena Donna’s works are stories about the bratty girl who gets herself knocked up by the man of the house. Step-daughters who get too horny for their own good and force their step-fathers to teach their virgin pussies what a real fucking feels like – that’s what Donna writes!

      Most of the situations involve a Daddy’s-Girl getting into a bit of trouble, and Step-Dad steps in to teach her what bad behavior gets. Is she running low on cash and gets a naughty gig in modeling, like in Donna’s currently free work Model Behavior? Marie’s sexy lingerie shoot was discovered, and the virginal brat gets a lesson in what sexiness brings from her beloved step-father:

As he went to line his cock up with my wet hole, I remembered, “Wait. What about a condom?”

“No baby. I want to feel you raw,” his face nuzzled my neck as he slid his cock up and down my slit, “I want to fill you up with my come.”

Even though the image made me shiver with arousal, I had to point out, “I’m not on birth control.”

When he brought his eyes back to mine, I was shocked by their darkness, “I don’t care.”

Any words of protest died on my tongue as he thrust forward, burying the head of his cock in my slick folds.

      Essentially, most Step-stories on Amazon read just like a hot incest tale, and for good reason. Incest is not allowed on Amazon, so stories that contain phrases like ‘Man of the House’ and ‘Step’ are code words for daddy-daughter fucking in an acceptable context as far as Amazon is concerned.

      Donna’s stories are written with care at a length that will satisfy one itch and leave you wanting more. She mentioned in particular Steps Don’t Pull Out, My First Time With The Man Of The House, and Come Closer as titles that will interest those with a breeding fetish. Again most of Donna’s works can be viewed for free by those who have Kindle Unlimited accounts.

      Those of you craving some naughty schoolgirls getting it on with their (step)daddies will find some sweet morsels in Derena Donna’s Catalog!

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