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      When it comes to the kind of porn I end up viewing, I actually have a lacking for one of my favorite themes of strong females being in dominant positions. Not whips and chains dominatrix stuff necessarily, but being bossy and controlling the interaction with a more pliable and perhaps submissive guy. FemaleAgent, a subtitled European production, takes the Casting Couch idea and applies it to a female agent seducing, manipulating, and then fucking new male talent. This is a great example of the general stock of scenarios you get from it, where our boss lady dominates over a fairly nervous and excited guy.

      I don’t actually think it is 20 guys actually, but once you get over six dudes who is really counting? It’s a gangbang, and what a great gangbang where most of the cum ends up either on or inside her fertile pussy. It is supposed to be a breeding party, so that much makes sense. Nicer yet, they tend towards the ‘messy gangbang’ style, that is to say they don’t clean up the girl after every load shot up inside her. So she gets quite gooey, and that is always a fun thing to see!

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      Your standard fare of ‘black breeding’ interracial porn, but with a nice quality I don’t see all too often. Dirty talk. The first half is them making out, doing some dirty blowjob scene, and then goes into the fucking. And then the woman starts to beg for his baby, for his big black dick to knock her up, to make her pregnant, and so on throughout the rest of the video until she does take that virile load inside her. I personally love dirty talk like that (being a dirty-talker myself), so this movie just has to make an appearance here!

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      Hydii May has done a fair number of interracial films while pregnant, thus how I found them. This scenario has a very pregnant Hydii waiting for her husband Andy while an old black friend stops by. He seduces her to let him fuck her pregnant white pussy, and she gives into the old temptation and spreads her slutty legs. Partway through, high on pleasure, she admits she isn’t even sure that it is her husband’s baby she’s carrying because she’s such a slut for black cock – a fun fantasy for those who enjoy it!

      Sasha Grey is one of the only pornstars I know by name off the top of my head, mainly because she’s an intriguing character but also because of movies like this. This is some pretty rough fucking, an example of just down-and-dirty mating that is breeding in all but the pussy full of cum and rounding belly. At least this time…

      Bah, it has been awhile since a video post, so here’s another FemaleAgent clip I particularly enjoyed. This one is a bit different than most of the female-dominant FemaleAgent scenes in that the guy is actually quite confident in his skills and utilizes them to grand effect on his somewhat shy casting agent. Ends with a good and proper deep creampie – none of that 90% pull-out bullshit!

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