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      The poll results are in, and it looks like we’ll be having an Alien Abduction Insemination video for our next naughty Lelu Love scene! The token turn-in on the site is a little wonky right now so there has been a delay in redeeming them, but I believe it will be cleared up fairly soon. I am very interested to see what Lelu comes up with for the scene.

      Otherwise all goes according to how it always goes on Lelu’s site. Daily movies of her getting banged in all sorts of situations, and there have been a fair number of impregnation fantasies there over the month of July. Great to see that some of our fellow impregnation lovers are commissioning some naughty tapes of their own!

Virtual Footjob Anal Missionary Creampie

      Fobbs has been busy at work as always producing a new set of stories. Currently on his roster is a new story entitled ‘Beggers Take my Wife’ by Bhuralund, the full story which you can read here(Warning: Contains hardcore cuckold themes with M/M situations… Not my cup of tea personally), and the two MirandaMorgan stories of Farm Girl and Schoolgirl Sara. My fingers are crossed that the latter two are going to wrap up pretty soon, and it appears that Fobbs is speeding through the Beggers story quite nicely!

      Though somewhat peripheral to the actual site itself, it appears that the culprit of the Illustrated Interracial Forum debacle hasn’t entirely disappeared from the internet. In fact the bugger set up their own forum dedicated to manipulating – I mean supporting MirandaMorgan (author of Schoolgirl Sara, Farm Girl, and some other rape-heavy stories) and Fobbs.

      I wouldn’t recommend checking it out – it is the same circle-jerk dick-sucking bullshit that was seen on the normal forums, only this time the bugger has moderator control. It all amounts to the same thing – with a hundred sock-puppets talking to themselves, the writer makes it seem like there is a large following when in fact there is just himself and MirandaMorgan replying there. The funny thing is the place has attracted what appears to be a few actual users, but their threads go totally ignored – they don’t fit the strategy of convincing Fobbs to write more on his favored stories, you see.

      Anyway, I have the unpleasant suspicion that the continuation of Fobb’s work on Schoolgirl Sara and Farm Girl stems largely from the guy’s continued activity and fake account work. That is just speculation though – I just personally have little interest in the apish, ghoulish rape depicted in those stories and would like to see him return to his other works sooner rather than later.

      Speaking of which! Last month I covered the recent completion of Tricked on Illustrated Interracial. Now I have the pleasure of covering the other work that was completed in recent months, Lust for the Librarian!

Lust for the Librarian

      Mrs. Jenny Carson makes a big mistake when she stays late at the local private high school. Though an innocent librarian who had been married for three years to her loving husband, Jenny has the (mis)fortune of encountering a gang of black thug teens calling themselves the Black Demons. The miscreant lot haven’t had any pussy for days, and they decide to take out their pent-up frustrations on the lovely Mrs. Carson.

      Catching her before she can arouse any suspicion and tying her up to a table in the library, the gang take turns violating the blue-eyed beauty. Jenny is forced to take countless black cocks from these young gangsters, each with their varying nasty or dangerous traits – such as their leader named Stork, because every girl he fucks always gets a visit from the stock nine months later.

      After a grueling night of hardcore, constant fucking, the gang finally has their fill of the sexy young wife and leave her in the mess and ichor of their wild night of passion. Though Jenny walks away from her ordeal just sore and hopelessly violated, she finds herself craving those huge black cocks and their endless fonts of African cum. Try as she might to resist her urges, her husband can no longer satisfy her in bed. And in a moment of desperation and luck, she finds one of the gang members again to take her on her marital bed, and fill her fertile pussy full of his black seed…  

      The full story from the author BlackDemon can be read for free here, and Fobbs has fairly-closely and faithfully followed the events of it all the way through. I would have to say of Fobb’s recent works, this one has been my favorite to follow.

      It is a non-consent story most certainly, but the tone is very different between it and the MirandaMorgan stories. The main difference, aside from a greater sense of pacing and an intriguing storyline in Lust for the Librarian, is that our heroine begins unwilling but ends becoming a total slut. The fact that there is overwhelming pleasure and a lack of the endless crying, sniveling, grotesque fuckery, and ‘bad ending’ style just leaves me feeling quite a bit more satisfied at the end of the reading.

      Fobbs depicts Jenny in great fashion, resulting in some highly sexy panels and very memorable poses. The pacing of his story material is great, with tons of action combined with a moving plotline and delightfully campish and distinct characters. The ending is ‘happy’ in the sense that Jenny is so thrilled and aroused and satisfied with her newfound lifestyle of taking black cocks behind her husband’s back, and there is a high emphasis on fertile consequences for her hinted at throughout the story. I mean honestly, she takes so many damn loads inside her bare pussy that there is no way she isn’t knocked up by the final panel!

      I would happily class Lust for the Librarian along with some of Fobb’s best works. I would highly enjoy seeing more stories from him that contain this brand of non-consent and conversion themes, alongside his taboo thrillers and plot-heavy narratives such as Manza and Emptiness.

      I highly recommend everyone who might find this storyline and Fobb’s other works interesting to become a member on his site and enjoy his works while supporting the author himself!

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