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      The Elven city will not be the only one falling to the Orcs tonight. Fighting to the last, the Highborn priestess Elaine is finally overcome by one of the brutal warriors in the halls of her temple. An Orc who intends to make the lovely elf his personal breeding slave. Can Elaine’s magic resist the raw power of her savage captor? And how long will it be until her fertile body is Conquered by the Orc?

      Conquered by the Orc takes place during the destruction of an Elven city at the hands of an army of lusty invading Orcs. It contains themes of non-consent, forced oral, degradation, spiritual exhibitionism, unprotected sex, fantasy interbreeding, and impregnation. Those who enjoy stories of brutish males taking beautiful women by force and conquering their bodies and minds stroke by stroke will not be able to put down this high-fantasy story!


"My people are the Highborn. We are not your whores!"

"Oh? Get up!" The beast seized her shoulders and yanked Elaine to her feet. Immediately his maulish grip shackled the back of her neck as he forced her towards the outer temple walls. "Listen to the dying calls of your pathetic race!"

Through the shattered stonework, Elaine heard and saw it all. The screams of retreat, the brutish calls from the Orc's horrible brethren. Fires erupted from buildings she'd known all her life, and the once clean streets now lay painted with greenskin and Elven blood. Elaine swallowed back the dryness in her throat.

"Monsters," she growled, "This is not our end..."

"Not listening hard enough. Hear it?" The Orc bent her over the broken door. The heat of his throbbing member wedged against her ass. Elaine closed her eyes to stop seeing the horrendous scene. And then, she began to hear the sounds drifting up from the domiciles of her sister Highborn.

The lewd wails and muffled yelps came from every house, so numerous that the cacophony drowned out the sounds of combat. What at first she thought were the death cries of her people were far from it. Orcs pulled women out into the streets. Clothes torn and clutching their naked breasts tight, the Elven women stumbled about as if in a daze. And the greenskins that caught them wasted no time in thrusting them up against a wall or tree to fuck them.

"We're pillaging you Elf bitches. Your city, your treasure, your wombs…" The Orc said, his terrible tusks rubbing against the back of her neck. "And you'll all learn to like it."

"Never," Elaine gasped, "An Elf would never give herself to a disgusting Orc!" Yet women she'd known all her life, fellow priestesses sworn to chastity now cried out to their patron moon goddess as Orcs rutted into them. Their violated bodies arched and shook, their bellies distending from the immense girth of their monster lovers. Their screams were not all that of pain either. Elaine saw their grimaced smiles and their quivering thighs awash in gleaming lust. They were cumming, surrendering their scared wombs to the brutal invaders!

"They already are. Just like you soon will be," The Orc said.

Blog-Exclusive Notes

      While I wrote on other projects and ran into various mental roadblocks, I decided to write a short work about an Elf getting taken by an Orc. I enjoyed writing my very short story on the high-fantasy subject called Draconian Breed that I wanted to write another similar to it.

      In this case we have the fall and subsequent pillaging of an Elven city by a horde of marauding Orcs. The Highborn Elves look down on such base and vile creatures, and in their underestimation of their strength were overwhelmed by the greenskin army. Elaine, a priestess serving in the temple dedicated to her moon Goddess Elspath, is accosted by one of the warlords of the horde – a nameless Orc that desires the lithely Elf as a breeding toy.

      The story begins where she loses the battle against her assailant, and he reveals his intentions not to kill her, but breed her pale belly full of his warrior brood. The rest of the story follows his cruel degradation of her, showing her the debauchery her people willingly endure from his comrades and progressively enslaves her to her own long-dormant lust. Eventually he brings her into the holy center of the temple and fucks her bareback on a sacred altar as the memories of her ancestors and the Goddess above can see her crumble against the Orc’s virile assault.

      This is a short and potent story, and one that I am happy to say I providing to all who enjoy my blog free until this Friday, September 4th. It is available on Smashwords, and the free-code to redeem your copy is: AL73T. Use that code after you follow this link and press the ‘Buy’ button to receive Conquered by the Orc free of charge. But only for a limited time!

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