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      So I’ve got this thing about touching ladies. I love just rubbing my hands across their smooth skin, holding them close, just touchingthem. And this movie has always fascinated me in that there is a sort of petgirl sort of vibe to it. He strokes and rubs her like he’s appraising her, petting her, and she arches and accepts his touch so nicely. Of  course he inseminates her fertile pussy – and so would I.

      Honestly I’m pretty meh about this one… Ye old blackbred movie that was sitting in my queue to share. It is pretty stiff as this series tends to be, but there is a double interracial creampie. They tend to be fairly vocal, so that’s entertaining.

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      This stars a very cute girl with a perfectly pregnant body getting ready to and taking a soapy shower. Just very seductive and sensual and hot the way she slowly strips down and touches herself throughout. Great stuff!

      Another great SkyBr movie. This one stars some of my favorite clips of Violet Blue (Noname Jane) in the series Inseminated by Two Black Cocks. Only the first edition of that series was really worth it given that they attempted to have storylines, and SkyBr capitalized on the awesome story they spun with Violet Blue’s fertile insemination and later real pregnancy. Worth checking out for certain!

      He’s a bonus one I decided to throw in. Though a partial clip of the full scene, it is a rather hot premise! A sexy mother wants to have another baby, but she doesn’t want to carry it. So she has her boyfriend fuck her daughter, cum inside her, and knock her up instead! Great FFM threesome action and a nicely deep creampie.

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